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Challenger SRT Hellcat vs Camaro ZL1

See who wins, keep in mind there is no substitute for massive horsepower.




ZL1 vs 69 Camaro

Totally cool....the story is here.



The Shoebox Chevy

Last week we saw The Colonel get a little excited about a shoebox Chevy, after hearing him mention this shoebox Chevy on several occasions.

The time has come to clarify what he means. 

The Colonel is generous this morning to spend time with us...lets get going!

Q: We understand a shoebox Chevy as a 1955/56 ideally a 2 door post coupe.

A: unassuming 2 door post.

Q: Your thoughts of this shoebox Chevy are audacious, seem to go beyond a simple 2 door post with a small block.

A: Some years ago, as the high performance versions of German cars were becoming increasingly popular, the idea emerged to have a totally unassuming shoebox Chevy with a comparable if not superior performance envelope.

Q: Something in the order of "this 1955 Chevy just blew the doors off my high performance German car".

A: Precisely...

Q: How would you accomplish that with a 50 year old car?

A: You can build a modern version of a shoebox Chevy with a tube frame, independent suspension, proper brakes, imagine a carbon fiber body, and so on...

Q: Got it, it would look like a 1955/56 Chevy...

A: would look like a 50 year old car, and perform like a modern high performance car.

Q: With an appreaciable budget it would be possible to build such a car, getting it to perform would be a challenge...

A: Debugging, and calibrating the car to reach the expected performance envelope would be time consuming, to say the least...

Q: It would be cool to have such a car, with a superlative performance envelope, the right stance, a race 572 with an aggressive idle, a 6 speed transmission, 18 inches in the front, perhaps 20's in the back, 4 inch exhaust system, an awesome sound system.

A: You guys are well versed on what this shoebox Chevy would be...

Q: Painted an unassuming 1950's colour scheme, 

A: Completely unassuming, looking stock at first blush, until the car is throttled up.

Q: Its a doable deal, but who has time, and what sort of budget.

A: The real challenge, no one has the luxury of time to build such a car, and then refine it to arrive at elevated levels of performance. 

Q: The CTS-V Coupe captured your imagination, sort of how a shoebox Chevy would perform.

A: You guys are good...yes that CTS-V Coupe pulled at my heartstrings for a myriad of reasons. 

Q: Perhaps it was too similar to a German high performance model. 

A: Yes...polished, refined, subtle, unassuming, and authoritatively fast. But not a shoebox Chevy.

Q: Got it...a shoebox Chevy would be visceral.....

A: Yes in tune with a raw, gut, mechanical sounds, visceral experience.

Q: If no one has time, not considering the budget to build your version of a shoebox Chevy, is there a solution.

A: There was no correct solution until the Camaro ZL1.



Walk Around of the ZL1

Informative walk around of the Camaro ZL1 with jay Leno and Mark Reuss...



Camaro ZL1 at the Ring




Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Yes...Friday and another Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable.

Agreed its been chilly most of the is winter!

The complete Ferrari Opus take a

Have you noticed that although a few years ago we were mentioning that the horsepower race might be over and done with...or so we thought. A few days ago at the Chicago Auto Show there was a horsepower revival from Chevrolet with the Camaro ZL1, Hyundai with the 400 HP+ Genesis, and a wicked looking Charger SRT8 with a Hemi.

If styling sells individual models, then horsepower halo cars sell the entire model line...or lets hope they do. If nothing else these HP cars sure generate a ton of buzz...

If you have been following the progress of Robert Kubica after his crash and we know that you are wishing him well. A pictorial of how it Perhaps you have been wondering about the guardrail and how he could be so hurt...this photo tells the entire

If you have been following the events in Egypt, and wondering how Social Media/Social Networking played a part, this article from NYT gives additional

Think about this for a moment: While at NAIAS with a Canadian phone, a stone's throw from Windsor, its intelligent enough to generate roaming charges...making a call to individuals that are less than 200 meters away generates roaming and long distance charges. Pretty cool calling from an Ontario to a North Carolina phone 150 meters away and generating all sorts of charges. Fascinating what technology can imagine if they meter the Internet in the same fashion they meter electricity with a smart meter.

Informative interview of Sergio Marchionne by Joann Muller of

Our usual old cars from the Kuwait Concours d'