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The Speedwrench

The other day while watching the drag racing video, the fellow using a speedwrench caught our attention.

Fascinating how an image immediately generates flash backs.

Obvious we need to get The Colonel involved, he is in a better position to remember speedwrenches...a nostalgia tool.

Q: When was a speedwrench used?

A- In most instances you would use a speedwrench to install a component with smaller than bigger screws or nuts.

Q- They were popular prior to the advent of power tools.

A- Absolutely, a speedwrench was the fast way of re installing components, and every individual probably had preferred uses for this tool. 

Q- Did you ever use a speedwrench?

A- What do you think? Timing covers, oil pans, great components to reinstall with a speedwrench.

Q- Tell us about an oil pan, those were the days of cork gaskets we assume.

A- Precisely, back in the day most oil pans had 7/16" bolts which were reasonobaly easy to remove with a speedwrench, or initially loosen with a ratchet, and continue with a speed wrench. 

Q- We are concluding that the motor is not in the car, its on some sort of engine stand.

A- Yes, the motor is out of the car, on an engine stand, turned over to easily get to the oil pan.

Q- The cork gaskets probably compressed a bit around the bolt areas.

A- You guys are good, compressed a bit? Usually it was more than just a bit, scrape off the gasket, re habilitate the oil pan around each bolt hole that had warped by the gasket crushing. 

Q- Flattening out the oil pan around the bolt holes required some time.

A- Obvious, remove the pan, wash it, inspect all the bolt holes, a speedwrench gained time in removing and re installing the pan. In most cases an extension was not required.






Do you remember the speedwrench?

Have you used a speedwrench? 

For some reson the other day we were thinking of speedwrenches and oil pans.

By now its probably a vintage tool, like dwell meters are "vintage" tools. 

 Back in the day, prior to battery operated tools with lithium ion batteries, a speed wrench was a great tool to quickly fasten or unfasten smaller sized bolts or nuts. You could crank it with either hand, great practice to being somewhat ambidextrous. 

There is a guy around here who used a speedwrench a gazillion times to remove and install oil pans, timing covers, on various engines, obvious when the engine was on an engine stand.

Care to tell us how you used a speedwrench, leave a comment.