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A Few Laps at Indy

Totally cool lapping Indy in an old roadster...



The Unser Story

The Unser story...



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Click on thumbnail Its Friday the 13, and Port Dover is a busy place today. In the meantime come in, make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and a special treat of cannoli this morning (if you are in the GTA Nino D'Aversa makes exceptional cannoli)...enjoy!

The Colonel is busier than usual with a myriad of projects in various stages, just thought you'd like to know what is going on.

If you noticed, and in case you did not just scroll down, we looked back, or is it that we found various items that prompted us to look back. Does it get much cooler than this photo essay of Ferrari racing from What is the fascination with looking back? We feel that it provides a sense of causality, history, where did you come from...sort of thing. There is a thought process that subscribes to the "philosophy of history" which can engender fascinating discussions...briefly it implies that to know where you are going you need to know where you came from.

Think about this Eugenio Castellotti in 1956 was doing the same thing for Ferrari that Fernando Alonso is doing in 2011 (55 years later).

There is a train of thought that still urges caution with developing markets (we all know that the biggest one is China). The concern is that "intellectual property" will transfer to the Chinese companies. Consider that a Chinese company bought Volvo, an Indian company bought Jaguar/Land Rover, another Chinese company just invested in Saab. If there is concern about transferring intellectual property, some folks are selling the entire package. 

In developing markets a vehicle is very high on the desirability list, in mature markets a smart phone/smart device has a higher desirability than a vehicle. 

Think about this for a moment, the years after WWII going for a Sunday drive in North America was a form of entertainment, it was a social activity. 

The other day we were reading that sales of a Japanese model with already extremely poor sales in Canada for the past several months...will diminish for lack of availability as an effect of the tsunami in Japan. It makes for good PR, while sales were poor prior to, how much worse can it get? Although its a good story line. "Sales of XYZ will diminish for lack of availability, especially that the Canadian market has lost its appetite for this model several months ago".

During the press day at the CIAS in Toronto, we had an impromptue conversation with an executive from an entry level luxury of those conversations that just happens...the best ones! At the time we expressed concern about their January sales, we were told that January was a minor bump, the situation was already rectified for February. Seems the minor bump has endured or did not get corrected, while 2011 is in question at this point...still wondering what happened.

We shared our experience with bi turbo, the graph is a vivid illustration of what a tweaked bi turbo V8 can do (incredible torque), compared to a naturally aspirated motor. Seems AMG for a price will tweak their own motors at the habitual $100 per horsepower. In case you missed our thoughts on AMG motors...they are here.

To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Spirit of Ecstacy a special photgraphic

You probably heard that Bob Stempel passed away last Saturday...while at NAIAS this year we saw Bob Stempel walking the show, and someone else mentioned "Did you see Bob Stempel?" (confirmed that it was him)...when you are a car guy with passion...for some reason you are always a car guy with passion.

An informative read on the automotive supply chain, what happens when its disrupted, how it gets

The Indianopolis 500 is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year, take a look at the early