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Canadian Sales 2-13

Are we surprised...not really! With the aggressive advertising activity during CIAS in Toronto it was either a strong month, or everyone was playing catch up. 

Seems they were all trying to catch up!

Not to sound robotic, last year was an exceptionally strong February, and a leap year with an additional day. Similar to January perhaps a little too strong. This year its a strong February, and an impressive first 2 months.

Although it still begs the question: What happened?

The simplest answer is that CSM (Citizen Main Street) is more conservative, and prudent. It should not come as a surprise, and should have been expected.

Think about this for a moment same as last year at the end of February Chrysler is # 1 in Canada. 

MerBimAu's traction control light is flickering...lets see how much traction it gains.

We agree, VW is nibbling away at someone's lunch.

The Koreans hit a bump in the road, but after so many consecutive months of smooth sailing, perhaps it was to be expected.

The Detroit 3 are holding on, gaining traction in a competitive market with the light truck market on a upward trajectory.

The Japanese are surprising by their collective lacklustre performance after 2 months.

One question to reflect: There was an auto show in Montreal in late January, and auto show in Toronto in mid February with millions disbursed by the various manufacturers to have a presence at these show. Sales are down from the previous year for 2 consecutive months?

Lets see what March it will develop, as well as the various PR/pundit spins that will be disseminated.