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Good Morning!

The last Friday of the month, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Looking back its been a positively frigid month. Although global warming is a reality, February was influenced by an unrelenting cold jet stream all month long. In addition to breaking a myriad of records for COLD. Must be winter...

Good thing gas is less expensive, and perhaps we are old school; with cold overnight and early morning temperatures we believe in warming up any vehicle for a few minutes.

Daytona 500

Did you notice the empty stands?

A typical NASCAR race at Daytona, which culminates in yellows, frustration, and NASCAR that tries to end a race on a green flag. Good thing the teams have appreciable budgets to wreck cars, and endure the litany of yellows, then red if a yellow is not enough.

Its the business of racing, not the sport of racing.

The exercise becomes intellectually insulting...and generates empty stands.

Congratulation to Joey Logano for the win, and being at the right place at the right time.

Canadian Sales

It will be revealing next week to see the February sales numbers for Canada, and the initial impact of the Alberta effect will start making its presence felt. As well as the frigid climatic conditions in eastern Canada.

If you missed our Apple and Cars take a look for our perspective.

Sebring Saga 1965, yes...50 year ago.





Vroom Room

Good Morning,

One cool car...Its Friday, last day of the month, its the Vroom Room. Come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Yes...its still winter, with Spring somewhere around the corner.

The other day we were reading comments from a pundit that was trying to explain why some vehicles remain cold inside during short or reasonable trips in cold weather. It was a point of the thermostat working correctly, perhaps a draft entering the vehicle, and other assorted stuff.

Here is the deal: In cold conditions usually in the minus 20C and colder, inline engines take much longer to warm up than V configured engines. Easy in a V engine the inside half of the cylinders are less exposed to the cold. In addition once the engine warms up, and the thermostat opens, the engine will cool down again until all the coolant flowing through the engine and radiator has  fully warmed up. 

Connecting dots: Number 3 makes an appearance after a lenghty hiatus, and Junior wins the race. Think about this for a moment. Agreed...Junior does have a talent at Daytona similar to his father. Yes...we were huge fans of number 3 back in the day. But number 3 reappers and Junior wins...priceless.

If you are in the auto business and becoming increasingly weary from the incessant Internet, Social, Mobile stream of stuff (being polite here) that is floating around 24/7. In case you missed it, take a look at Innovating Automotive Retail you will find it refreshing and thought provoking.

In case you missed it CMS (Citizen Main Street) is doing very well in Canada, better than ever before, in a loan rich and cash poor position. In the auto business we know that CMS keeps on churning the deficiency of trade in over and over, and the moment incentives are tightened sales wither dramatically.

Amelia Island is next week end, to get you in the spirit a glimpse at RM Auctions offerings.



Junior Wins the Daytona 500

When a video is worth a gazillion words...



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its the first day and Friday of the month, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, join the conversation leave a comment.

Ever think of much content we read in a month? Perhaps someone should come up with a read-o-meter and really scare us in how profusely we all read, and some write in a month. Or how little.

Agreed the days are getting longer...yes spring is on the horizon.

What can you say about Danica Patrick at Daytona, running in the leading pack for the entire race, staying out of trouble, and finishing 8th...GREAT! A memorable race for Danica! expected the good ole boys with experience to freight train right by Danica in the closing lap...exactly what Jimmie Johnson and Junior did. 

Fascinating read on the science and data powering junk food and making it addictive.

Toyota is celebrating their 75th anniversary take a look at the Toyota Interactive Family Tree

After the myriad of rumours, Posterous which is owned by Twitter is closing permanently on April 30, as you probably know we have been publishing content on Posterous, using it as our notebook for a few years. Our content on Posterous is here.

We have embarked on a process of moving some of our Posterous content to a new notes section that we have started on ouir publication to replace Posterous. Tale a look at Strada Notes.

In case you need a reminder, last year Schwartz...yes that Schwartz the smoked meat place on St.Laurent in Montreal was sold for appreciable money to a group of investors. Now they will sell Schwartz smoked meat in plastice bags on grocery stores.  Perhaps it will be good for the brand since the actual Schwartz is very very cramped for space, which also gives its character. Reminds you of luxury car manufacturers going downstream to sell more product to more people. 

Perhaps you are familiar with Louis Galanos, who has an extensive photo gallery/collection on Flickr of photos he took of what are old race cars today. Its a fascinating experience to review his photos, and his comments. If you have been a gearhead for a few years, or better decades the photos truly resonate. 

The story and an extensive collection of photos from the 1963 12 Hours of Sebring race which is in a few weeks this year. Think about this, the photos are from 50 years ago! Look at the tires on the cars!

This one caught our attention...

Not every team could get a warehouse for a garage. This is the Richie Ginther/Innes Ireland Ferrari 250 GTO in the paddock. They would end up finishing 6th overall. (Tom Bigelow photo)



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

are we our potentialIts Friday...yes its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

The other day we were reading that if you read too much "stuff" your decision process deteriorates. We have often mentioned that with all the "stuff" that is out there, you need to be your own editor. Perhaps everyone is realising that with the amount of "stuff" floating around, it can become dangerous to your intelligence.

Hopefully you will remember that for years we have been telling you to be your own editor.

We have discreetly been inquiring how modern vehicles brimming with technology will be restored in 30-40-50 years, its a moot point with few answers at this time. You get the feeling that nobody wants to go there, for some reason...we got an answer from a manufacturer scroll down read the comment we posted.

Last Sunday to uphold a long standing tradition of watching the Great American Race, we settle on the couch and would you know it, its raining at Daytona...we hear that the race will be run at noon on Monday. Good thing that saner minds prevailed, and they decided to run the race at night which was totally cool, to watch the race, the rain of the previous day, the fire of Monday night, the Twitter moment during the red flag, Tide getting immense exposure as a track detergent, Matt Kenseth winning, Junior emulating his father and coming in 2nd...and fortunately nobody got hurt. 

If the brawl of 1979 set a precedent, the rain, fire, Twitter of 2012 renewed the standard, and the cars are fuel injected this year.

Did you know? The Toronto Auto Show broke the previous attendance record from 2004, is it just a renewed interest in vehicles, or the "autoblogosphere" generating an interest? What do you think?

The story of an old race



Good Ole Boys

If you watched the Great American Race, especially the end, you were reminded that although NASCAR has a lot of stuff that is not right, when stuff comes together like it did last Sunday even after lengthy delays...its exciting racing.

With the delays, it quickly became a game of speculation, as to who was going to win, and who was going to wreck. One thing that is refreshing its still individuals using their heads to win, with a bit of technology. Contrary to technological overkill, and track position. 

We were totally impressed with Junior finishing second, and happy for Jamie Mac winning. We could keep on going here for a good while...this clip with Dave Despain and DW captures the essence of the race, NASCAR, Danica, and Nelson Jr.