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Jaguar Project 7

Cool promotional video of the F Type Project 7...enjoy






Your Hands Working

In our society we have come a long way from working with our hands performing manual tasks, although vehicles are full of technology, especially the under chassis work still requires a good amount of hand work.

Obvious that we have known this for a few decades or generations, if you are a certified gear head you have hand tools, power tools, and hopefully still perform several manual tasks yourself.

As much as it might look like grunt work, which sometimes it is, there is always a degree of satisfaction in performing manual tasks. The human spirit is responsive to "working with your hands".

Lets connect a few dots...

  • We have thousands of young people completing a process of higher education, acquiring debt at an early age, and subsequently challenged to find meaningful employment.
  • Immigration for skilled individuals (skilled manual work) is encouraged to provide a steady pool of folks that can work with their hands.
  • Unemployment remains high...
  • The folks that perform skilled manual work, create lucrative niches for themselves.

You have to wonder what would happen if everyone, especially younger folks got their hands working a little more and perhaps even learned a skill as an extra curricular activity.

What do you think?



Canada Day

Have a superb Canada Day



What a June!

As you know some months are busier than others, while some months are outrageously busy. In our case June was completely outrageous.

Lets take a look at a slice of June and life:


  • Remaining in the car business, yes it will be a strong sales month and first half.
  • We moved our editorial office for the second time in the space of a year. 
  • The new editorial office underwent some renovations.
  • We even squeezed in a road trip.
  • We have a few revues to complete, that were started in June.
  • Good thing its a self powered mower there is a ton of grass to mow.


What did we learn?:


  • The truly meaningful accomplishments still generate butterflies in the gut.
  • The human spirit is truly a wondrous thing.
  • It requires team work to rise to the occasion.
  • Technology is a useful assistant, but its the humans that make all the difference.




Vroom Room 

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment.

It will be interesting to see how vehicle sales developed for the month, and the first half of this year. From our perspective its already an impressively strong first half of 2014. As usual a myriad of pundits will share their thoughts on the factors enabling record Canadian sales.

This week we had an opportunity to spend a few days in a smaller community of Northern Ontario. Its refreshing to see the perspectives of folks that are not in major metro centers with millions of individuals competing with each other. These folks take the time to enjoy "moments" of life, have all sorts of cars, trucks, hot rods, motorcycles which quickly becomes a feast for the eyes. Not having to deal with congestion contributes to having additional time, and driving in a very laid back fashion.

As you have noticed this month has been busy for us, moving the editorial offices, while performing several other tasks, and undertakings. Needless to mention that we are a little behind, a little ahead while gaining momentum on getting back in front.

We should mention that its been an exciting month...

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is this week end.

At Strada we uphold our "independence", while urging our readers to be their own editors. We shared our thoughts on the Blogosphere several years ago (they still resonate today). Since the auto blogging mouvement gained momentum, the ongoing tug of war between print and digital auto media has been ongoing, with negative results for many stakeholders.

By now you know that we are not in the eyeball, or the news business.

An informative artcle by Bertel Schmidt of the Daily Kanban on the state of print and digital auto media "The buff-books are dying, and the car blogs are right behind them"

Providing you a behind the scenes look at Goodwood.