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Vroom Room

Good Morning,


The Vroom Room in a Garage Complex this morning.

Its Good Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino this morning, join the conversation, leave a comment.

Not to sound redundant, we have been telling you about the impact of low oil prices and the impact on the Canadian economy for some time now. Take a look at an opinion poll of Canadian executives.

From Ferrari a cool infographic of the Sepang F1 race.

In case you missed 2015 Canada Digital Future, which we believe is a must read, scroll down.

In case you never noticed, please go to our Welcome page to see the various publishing platforms we use for Strada on an ongoing basis. Not to honk our horn, perhaps we are unique in using several formats and platforms to publish our content.

Canadian Sales

Challenging climatic conditions, thousands of vehicles snowed under at Autoport (Halifax), pradigm shift in the oil patch made for an interesting March and 1st quarter.

At first blush its almost like VW with a 2,24 unit increase in March saved the day, since March sales increased by 3,046 units in Canada.

Considering the myriad of challenges it was a great month, and an impressive first quarter.

Cadillac CT6

You surely know that we are Cadillac fans, their latest offerings are world class. The CT6 is surely world class as a car, lets see what it does for the brand, and more important in sales pitted against formidable competitors. What do you think?

Why the garage this morning? from a few years back...the Strada Garage.

Our usual old race cars from the HMSA Spring Club Races 2015...enjoy.




Why Do You Do It?

This morning we have The Colonel with us, he has not been around for some time, been a busy guy lately from what we hear.

Lets get him going with a few questions, and dispense with the niceties. Its a One on One with The Colonel.

Q: Colonel why do you do it?

A: Guys you mean Strada...simple PASSION, and after all these years there is even more passion.

Q: How much time do you spend/invest in Strada?

A: Depends on what is going on, a few hours...lets leave it at that.

Q: How come you are not a member of any club/association/guild?

A: Simple...STRADA is the publication, its the platform, agreed its a boutique publication. A free lancer needs to belong to "something" to provide a base, foundation. As you know we belong to Strada...

Q: You always mention that one needs to be their own editor, there are a myriad of pundits publishing on a myriad of platforms.

A: Absolutely, in some respects its a good thing (disseminating news), in others there is a ton of sh#t floating around. Fascinating when you apply pressure to "pedestrian" knowledge it quickly recedes.

Q: There's a ton of pundits disseminating pedestrian knowledge.

A: Its the nature of the Internet and Social Media there is a substantial layer of pedestrian knowledge being disseminated...that its probably disintermediating real knowledge. Think about that for a moment.

Q: Pedestrian disintermediating real...its thought provoking.

A: Yes is..but for another time.

Q: You mention boutique to expand?

A: If an individual wants to read comments, editorials that will provoke their thinking they will find Strada interesting and informative, and incite them to be reflective. In essence Strada is not for everyone...its never been for folks that are seeking pedestrian knowledge.

Q: Perhaps at times you are too far ahead of the 8 Ball?

A: some respects its not a good thing to attract more eyeballs. Its the editorial direction of Strada. We push the envelope, ask questions that raise a thought process.

Q: Your thought leadership might intimidate some folks?

A: Sure it does...not the best for eyeballs, but great to uphold the editorial position. We have not wavered in countless years now.

Q: Being ahead of the 8 Ball provides a competitive advantage in the auto business.

A: That's what its all about, its a competitive business, everyone is seeking an advantage. By the time its pedestrian knowledge its no longer ahead or an advantage...need I say more.

Q:Some folks might have a challenge grasping being ahead.

A: Sure they do...the reason we are a boutique publication.

Q:Do you have some examples of being ahead.

A: Wow that's a loaded question. 1- We mentioned a few months ago that low oil, low CDN dollar, presumed cheap gas, higher food prices were on the immediate horizon...most folks were talking about cheap gas presumably saving consumers a ton of money. 2- Long loan terms provide mobility not ownership...most folks relate long loan terms to longer lasting vehicles.

Q: Do you rattle cages?

A: If sharing prescient thinking, being on a thought leadership vector rattles cages, let the folks that feel rattled catch up and get ahead of the 8 Ball.

Q: Its still PASSION?

A: Absolutely...a ton of passion.





2015 Canada Digital Future

If you are conducting business in Canada its a must read.

From comScore...

This annual landmark report explores how the prevailing trends in in web usage, multi-platform engagement, online video, and digital advertising are shaping the Canadian marketplace and what these trends mean for the year ahead.




Cars and Privacy

Back in the day of "mechanical cars" (if you were around during those days) they were a freedom machine, the social media platform, and the driver was 110% responsible for action of the car.

There was a genuine sense of independence and obvious no one was watching you. Especially "Big Brother". 

With the advent of computers, they early versions that simply controlled the engine, and the interaction between the engine and transmission. At the time this was innocent, and did not infringe on the freedom aspect of the car. 

As we inexorably progress towards the self driving car. You can quickly imagine the myriad of "black boxes" capturing data and transmitting data. Especially on your behavior in the car (vehicle). 

Agreed...your smart device is doing similar actions, but you can turn it off.

At some point if you get in an awkward or precarious situation with a car, "Big Brother" can instantly download your precise actions...need we say much more.

If you are travelling from A to B, again "Big Brother" can follow you, how fast you are going, what location and time. 

If you absolutely need to be connected:

Its probably a good thing, since you want "Big Brother" to look over you, on top of looking over you with your smart device. 

If you prefer to be disconnected:

You will certainly not appreciate knowing that several "black boxes" are constantly acquiring data as to what you are doing in the car. Not that you are doing anything untoward, unlawful; simply the idea that "Big Brother" is watching you.

If you have been reading Strada for a while you surely know where we stand, yes....DISCONNECTED. You can let you imagination roam for a moment and conjure a multitude of ramifications.  

We agree the Sunday morning motorcycle ride is priceless.

Here is the deal:

Perhaps some day we will see an ad for a car commanding a premium price that goes:

Offered 20XX Widget disconnected and free, no navigation, no satellite radio, no integrated emergency calling, no LTE, no Wifi, no lane departure, no adaptive cruise control...and more. A car that you actually have to drive to enjoy your freedom.

What do you think?




Fab Fours Jeep Legend

Its does not get much more radical than this...get a walk around with Jay Leno.






Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Night Shot - Action Express Corvette DPIts the last Friday of the month, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Last Saturday for a good while it sure looked like Porsche was going to clean up the GTLM class at Sebring. Yes...we are Corvette fans, and what a pleasant surprise when Corvette won the class. You know the saying "It ain't over till its over".

If you live in the GTA the cable companies currently offer poor coverage of motorsports...let's leave it at that. Accompanied by superb coverage of a myriad of never ending commecials.

Last week we shared our thoughts on Leadership Reality, this week a few events merely reinforced our position. Mind boggling what many folks do...truly WoW moments.

If you are in the auto business, if you are considering the purchase of a car, you must read "Making Car Buying Less Loathsome"...just scroll down to yesterday.

As we always mentioned, we review vehicles that attract our attention for one reason or another. Observing pundits reviewing vehicles they "do not like" for whatever reason is fascinating. Especially when the ego start emerging in the review.

If you are in Canada check out the Lifestyle Lookup...just enter your postal code. Its an interesting segmentation of Canadian postal codes.

The Jeremy Clarkson fracas at Top Gear...the classic case of putting too much of your ego, brand, where it does not belong...autotainment pushing all the limits.

Think of this...

The small block Chevy is 60 years old.

The 55 Chevy is 60 years old.

Our usual old race cars from the 1965 Sebring 12 Hours, read the story, view the photos from 50 years ago.




Making Car Buying Less Loathsome

If you are in the auto business perhaps its not new, but its a must read.

If you are considering purchasing a vehicle, its a must read.

We urge you to take the time and/or bookmark the page.






Canada and the Auto Business

If you go by the numbers of auto ads on the various medias, either March will be a strong month, or its softer than expected and everyone is trying to get whatever they can out of the market.

Next week we will get a clearer picture.

The old saying "A vehicle is the second most expensive purchase next to a house". Must be a good thing that we are gravitating from ownership to mobility at a constant $500 per month.

For the past few years Canada has become a full fledged consumer economy empowered by free flowing money. We missed the bullet in the "great recession" of 2008/09 and morphed into a consumer economy.

Here is the deal...

Lean on CMS (Citizen Main Street) to consume more, empower CMS with inexpensive free flowing money to encourage him to consume even more.

The thought vector that Canadian companies were/are sitting on mountains of cash and should start investing in the Canadian economy got lost in a fog of changes. You have to wonder what happened to investing, creating jobs, to keep Canada going for the next generation.

Free flowing money has empowered record vehicle sales in Canada for the past couple of years. Yes...2014 was a record year, and this year started strong on top of a record year.

In the meantime...

The CDN dollar is in the dumpster, negatively impacting the confidence of CMS.

Price of oil is in the dumpster, with epic consequences across Canada.

Gas is not so cheap, a head of lettuce is not cheap, the same for coffee, and olive oil.

Pick up ads are touting 5 figure discounts/deals.

Vehicle sales in Alberta (3rd largest market in Canada) are steadily diminishing.

The mobility business model...

This model works well on a 24-36 month cycle, at 48-60 months most folks will have spent some money on consumables (tires,brakes,service) they are less tempted to change vehicles. If the confidence of CMS is shaken, lowered, with the current mobility model its easy to extend the trade cylce from 36 to 48 or 60 months.

As sales increase in the US with a rising tide of employment, consumer confidence, the opposite might just develop in Canada.

Month end March will be revealing.




By now you know that fuel econmy is not a major priority for us at Strada. This infographic caught our attention, even if it is Irish, numerous points are valid for any vehicle, and good driving habits.


The Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling – An infographic by the team at Show Plates Direct




Macan Turbo vs GLA45 AMG

Saturday entertainement...see who wins.