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GT-R in Alberta

A breathtaking "Epic Drive" in Alberta with a Nissan GT-R



Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

We have experienced our own climate change bubble, from cold, to colder, snow, rain, brutal winds, while  breaking decades old records. All in the space of 10 days.

Yes...its Black Friday...

Encouraging to see manufacturers "throttling up" for a strong month in November, next week we will see the results. We are especially focused on how the "premium economy" segment is developing.

Ever wonder what the IoT (Internet of Things) is all about? An informative A Strategist Guide to the Internet of Things it also applies to cars.

Here is the Deal for today:

Way back in the day, really way back in the day...accidents were an issue and non issue on vehicles since it required a good amount of sleuthing to uncover accidents. Now with accident reports its common practice to have a comprehensive report with every used vehicle.

The providers of these reports always have enough fine print to protect their position (not all accidents are mentioned, one might appear at a later date). An accident report does not necessairily imply a clean accident free record.

In addition financial service providers that lease vehicles also to protect their positions want as much "background" on any vehicle they offer for sale.

Perhaps you could see this coming, now there are companies that do an inspection of vehicles with accidents on a report to establish the severity of the accident.

We are back to the age old "frame dammage" in an era where most vehicles no longer have a frame, they are uni body (one big shell) and the structural components are engineered to crumple, crush, while absorbing the energy of an impact. The passenger area of a vehicle is rigid, the front and rear are engineered to absorb energy to protect the passengers.

Keep in mind that every vehicle in a reasonable accident the front or rear has crumpled to abosorb energy and protect the passengers. The frames of the old days, are the crumple zones of today. How these crumple zones are repaired is crucial to uphold the integrity of the vehicle. Not just the measurements, but how they are repaired (in many cases they are stretched to comply with the measurements).

Our usual old race cars with brilliant photography of the Old Timer Grand Prix.




New President at GM

Since last week there is a new president at GM Canada.

As you know The Colonel has been associated in one fashion or another with General Motors in Canada for a few decades.

Q: Colonel assume you had an opportunity to have a relaxed lunch with the new president of GM at Fazio's in Oshawa (yes its  a far fetched thought)...what would you tell him?

A: Guys its an ambitious thought, although the food is very good at Fazio's. Here goes...


Its shameful for GM to be in 3rd place, do we need to say more...just plain shameful and inexcusable.


Its good, its competent, in some cases brilliant, and others uninspired. Capitalize on the "inspired" models.

Financial Services:

Offer comprehensive financial services to facilitate selling the product, being innovative would help to increase sales.


Imagine a "social media" campaign to boycott GM products in Canada if they alter downward the current level of employment in Oshawa.

Q: Simple enough...

A: Simple, but complex, and a real challenge for GM.

Q: Colonel, have you noticed that some of the car lines 50% of the models do well, the other 50% is non performing.

A: Yes...we have driven and reviewed most of them, great product, with poor market alignment.

Q: Poor market alignment, care to explain?

A: There are folks at GM that are paid interesting salaries for doing this...why are we doing this for free?

Q: 'Cause you're a good guy...

A: Lets look at Buick for a moment: Lacrosse is a great car even has the sweep spear, with no identity in the market to attract a younger customer base. Regal another great car without an identity. Verano, proves that Buick has a 30K ceiling in the market. Encore same thing reinforces the 30K ceiling. Enclave, it was inspired from the outset, and now its a mature model in a competitive segment.

Q: Colonel we thought you were going to start with Cadillac.

A: Guys you are sucking me into a lengthy discussion. we have driven most Cadillacs in the past few years, and we are Cadillac fans. They are cool cars, literally world class, in an hyper competitive segment

Q: Are you saying that its a world class car and GM for one reason or another does not connect all the dots and handicaps the market performance.

A: Precisely...




Saddleback - Luxury Tool

You know The Colonel owns a Saddleback Leather briefcase , and its travelled quite a bit, been well used, a few times abused, and always generates curiosity (the briefcase). 

A Saddleback briefcase is a "luxury tool", Dave Monson wants a premium for his bags, and whoever desires a Saddleback is prepared to pay the premium. Although the bag is not represented or marketed as a luxury tool, its price quickly makes it into a luxury. On the premise that you can buy a myriad of other bags for less money.

The bag is ideal for business, and business related travel, while still looking new.

An informative video of Dave Munson showing how to knock off a Saddleback briefcase.

You can certainly arrive at your own conclusions, and deduct how many aspects of any product (cars too) are "adjusted" to arrive at a price point.




November Musings

Its November, there is snow, its cold, and also rain, while Christmas is around the corner (sort of). As we near the end of the year we start looking ahead while also looking back. 

Stuff that continues to grasp our attention.

Canadian Sales:

We will have record auto sales in Canada this year, just imagine the various opinions from the various pundits, experts, executives, professionals. It will be interesting...

Social Media: 

Manufacturers have retreated from the initial social media euphoria to going backwards. All manufacturers seem to have a rationale of convenience to justify their position which by now is entrenched in the past...

Vehicle Ownership:

Are we witnessing an inexorable shift in the ownership of vehicles? Is mobility for a monthly fee surpassing ownership?

Z28 / GT350:

Satisfying to see Camaro and Mustang recreate the "good ole days" of Trans Am racing with serious versions of the cars. Really cool...

Premium Economy:

We mentioned Premium Economy a few months ago, we have been observing, we have been patient, prior to sharing further thoughts. We are almost there....


Are we seeing the last days of the manual transmission with a clutch pedal? The new multi speed automatics with software controls are phenomenal. In addition many folks have no clue how to drive a car with a manual.

Old School / New School:

The mechanical aspect (old school) of vehicles makes them durable, the technology aspect (new school) makes vehicles disposable. Think about this for a moment...