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Conversation with Joey Logano 

Informative interview with Jay Leno and Joey Logano...



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment.

Did you miss that GM dealers in the GTA are suing GM for the lack of sales and financial support. We have been wondering about GM's sale strategy in Canada for sometime, while going from 1st to last among the Detroit 3. We will never know the outcome of this lawsuit, although its clear that there is a communication breakdown between GM and some of its most influential long standing dealers.

Losing Pontiac in Canada was a major blow, GM Canada never grasped the gravity of losing Pontiac. With many Pontiac dealers becoming Korean dealers overnight aiding the Koreans to instantly increase their sales.

Think of Cadillac for a moment, superb world class product languishing in the market. Agreed we could keep on going ...

If you get the impression that recalls have little to even no influence on vehicle sales. Just look at GM with massive recalls while sales just keep on in the US, and submerge in Canada.

You should not be surprised that Mark Fields replaced Alan Mulally, its an orderly progression at Ford. Yes you will read a bunch of glowing reports about Mark Fields in the coming weeks and months.  

Canadian Sales:

June was another record month, with a record first half of 2014, while GM bites the dust with the Koreans breathing down its neck. A few years ago anyone telling you that the Korean would be trading paint with GM, it would have been laughable.

Pontiac dealers becoming Korean dealers...heresy, now its reality. 

Similar to real estate "Money for the Deal" powers sales and leases in Canada.

Impressive photo gallery from Goodwood...of older and newer race cars.




Jaguar Project 7

Cool promotional video of the F Type Project 7...enjoy






Your Hands Working

In our society we have come a long way from working with our hands performing manual tasks, although vehicles are full of technology, especially the under chassis work still requires a good amount of hand work.

Obvious that we have known this for a few decades or generations, if you are a certified gear head you have hand tools, power tools, and hopefully still perform several manual tasks yourself.

As much as it might look like grunt work, which sometimes it is, there is always a degree of satisfaction in performing manual tasks. The human spirit is responsive to "working with your hands".

Lets connect a few dots...

  • We have thousands of young people completing a process of higher education, acquiring debt at an early age, and subsequently challenged to find meaningful employment.
  • Immigration for skilled individuals (skilled manual work) is encouraged to provide a steady pool of folks that can work with their hands.
  • Unemployment remains high...
  • The folks that perform skilled manual work, create lucrative niches for themselves.

You have to wonder what would happen if everyone, especially younger folks got their hands working a little more and perhaps even learned a skill as an extra curricular activity.

What do you think?



Canada Day

Have a superb Canada Day