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Showroom Craftsmanship

You still need craftsmanship in the showroom...




More Winter Driving

The other day we had to go for a drive on a snowy Saturday morning. You know the kind of driving with snow on the road, augmented by the melting brine, and all sorts of stuff landing on the windshield.

Its interesting especially when changing lanes with the usual "float" between the lanes and tire tracks.

Here is the deal:

If at one time you would see a good quantity of 4x4 off the road especially in snow conditions. At the time the argument was that most folks had no clue what a 4x4 would do, and were simply overdriving them from the outset.

On a quiet Saturday morning you see folks all over the place on a 60 kilometer stretch that have gotten themselves in situations that seem awkward, and then there is the usual collection of police vehicles, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles.

Then there is the individual with the unloaded dump truck purposely going about 5-6 KPH faster than the flow of traffic in his lane, changing lanes to pass. Just imagine what comes off this truck when its changing lanes. Yes...the real heavy stuff that goes "thump" on the windshield.

Its almost surprising that common sense still permeates the vast majority of drivers. The first rule of common sense is to leave additional space around your vehicle. Folks that understand, snow, salt, brine, slush, tend to leave and keep and increased layer of space around their vehicle.

On surface streets with fresh snow, you can explore the various safety technology on your vehicle. See if you can steer while ABS'ing, see when the stability program will engage when turning. More important discover what you need to do to engage the stability.

Discover how often traction control engages as you accelerate from the various stop signs. have to wonder about all the salt, brine, slush, splashing all over your vehicle.




Challenger SRT Hellcat vs Camaro ZL1

See who wins, keep in mind there is no substitute for massive horsepower.




Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room come in make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Snow, cold, more snow, more cold...its expected in winter.

Hopefully in your own way you are progressing towards "Making a Dent", agreed some days are more challenging than others.

Wondering what the new Ferrari 488GTB is all about? Take a moment, take a look, yes its a turbo motor.

Canadian Sales:

As anticiapted some manufacturers had a strong January, others endured the sales management they exercised in December of last year. It will be interesting to see how February develops to have a clearer perspective on the strategies. A few are on a downward spiral that seems bottomless.

Price of Gas:

Fascinating to see gas hit rock bottom at less than 90 cents a liter and then slowly and surely make its way back up towards 1.00 a liter, everyone wants to make some extra money. Lets give some back to CMS (Citizen Main Street) and then lets take it back, and so on.

Auto Show: week is the opening of the Toronto Auto Show...stay tuned.

Auto Loans:

You have to love it when pundits espouse the idea that auto loans are longer because cars last longer.

Old cars in the snow from the Winter Marathon Rally 2015



Looking Back

This week it struck us that if you have been on this planet long enough, and have been in the auto business long enough times looking back is influenced by a sense of nostalgia.

In no particular order:

409's: In the showroom it was the black Impala SS with the 409/425 chrome valve covers, huge air filter to cover the dual quads. The street reality was often a Biscayne coupe with a bench seat and rubber mats.

Big Block Corvette: The sidepipes, the sound, until you were in a roadster at a traffic light ingesting exhaust fumes. But the sound...

Duntov Cam: There is nothing like a small block Chevy with mechanical lifters, the lumpy idle, the iconic clacking, the streets creds...until you had to adjust the one side. Warm it up again do the other side.

Powerglides: Everybody wanted a Muncie rock crusher with a 2.20 first gear, and an 11 inch clutch, while everything had a powerglide...go figure.

Mercedes-Benz 6.9: Serious sedan, serious power, dry sump, hydrualic suspension, aluminum suspension arms...a wow car. Until you tried to resell one became a wow car for all the wrong reasons.

Porsche Turbo: The early 911 turbo's with the 4 speed and 2 OD gears, what a ride, red turbo, downshift to second, what an experience way back in the day. Most folks would fly off the road backwards with them.

Brakes: Back in the day, you could not stop most cars with drum was normal.

12 Cylinder: At some point in your life you need to own and enjoy a car with a V12, especially a twin turbo V12. Ideally one with tweaked computers, especially if you are a horsepower afficionado. You will also discover that nobody wants these cars once they are used. Somethings never change...

We could keep on going, but you surely grasp our meaning. For some reason stuff seems a little better when looking back...must be the nostalgia.