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Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room on the cusp of a long week end. Come in make yourself comfortable,enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, leave a comment. 

We agree fall is here with crisper air, shorter days, and less leaves on the trees and more on the ground.

Although The Colonel is caught up, we know that he has a few projects in the works. Had an interesting time with this car last week, and this morning he is dropping hints that he is going fishing for a few days. Never a dull moment with The Colonel.

With all the talk about self driving cars and trucks, its interesting that train engineers are falling alseep, they run on tracks, and there is not a whimper about self driving trains. Its probably much easier to execute self driving trains, than cars or trucks. 

Hopefully you remember keeping automotive publications...yes the buff magazines on shelves, then life changes, things happen and the publications get misplaced for one reason or another. Or get damaged for one reason or another. 

Perhaps you still have a few as a reminder, you probably have all sorts of stuff stored on 5 1/2 floppies from back in the day, then 3 1/2 inch. Agreed the 5 1/2 inch floppies are long gone by now, there are no drives readily available or software . You have stuff lying around on 3 1/2 inch, CD's, memory sticks, and hard drives.

Its encouraging to see efforts being made to not only preserve historical material, but also make it available. A great initiative by Stanford University and the Collier Collection. Take a look at Revs Digital Library for some totally cool stuff.

Before we forget everything that you want to know about the Ferrari 458 Speciale A that was revealed at the Paris show.

Have you noticed, with the imminent arrival of the "aluminum" F 150 every pundit is on a mission to converse about weight reduction. Wow...what else is new!

There is a snippet here, another there about weight reduction and the benefits of aluminum which has been around for centuries. Heavy duty trucks have had aluminum cabs and even frames in certain applications for decades. Some cars have had aluminum bodies going back decades, recently Jaguar has been the most prolific user of aluminum in their cars as well as Land Rover. 

High strenght metal alloys have also been around for decades. 

Its great...the "aluminum" F 150 is further raising the awereness of saving weight in the auto industry. "If Ford can do an aluminum body on an F 150 we should be using carbon fiber similar to BMW on the i3 and i8".

The 100 Global Brands by Interbrand...take a look.

Our habitual old race cars from Dix Mille Tours du Castellet 2014




More on Motus

As you probably know we have been following Motus from its early development days, they have a new website here, broke a few records at Bonneville too.



Chevrolet Racing

Alba Colon of Chevrolet and informative video.




Warren Buffet Is A Dealer

Late last week we were pleasantly surprised that Warren Buffet is now a dealer, and in the auto business. This deal to purchase Van Tuyl was surely in the "works" for some time, and will close in the first quarter of 2015. 

Interesting that we publish our latest ebook Behind Closed Doors, and literally a day later its made public that Berkshire Hathaway is acquiring Van Tuyl. 

This morning we have The Colonel, lets get his thoughts.

Q: Colonel Good Morning, lookin' good as usual, what do you think of this deal?

A: Its GREAT, cool to have Warren Buffet in the auto business. Most probably only Warren Buffet was in a position to acquire Van Tuyl with terms that suited numerous variables.

Q: You always mention that you need a ton of money to operate a dealership. 

A: Absolutely, and even more today with dealers groups in a position to access public funds. Manufacturers love the idea of well funded dealers that cater to their imaging wishes.

Q: Berkshire Hathaway in the future can acquire additional groups.

A: Its a starting point...yes its easy to acquire additional groups in a building block fashion.

Q: Warren Buffet has interests in Canada with Heinz, Tim Horton/Burger King, perhaps....

A: Hold that never know what the future holds.

Q: Manufacturers have a stable of dealers, and dealers have a stable of franchises (manufacturers).

A: Interesting dynamics that will continue to evolve through the years.

Q: Will some manufacturers set their own clauses towards the Bershire Hathaway/Van Tuyl deal.

A: Obvious they will, its a unique opportunity, you can imagine that if anything hits a roadblock the optics are in favor of Berkshire Hathaway. Do you guys remember when Wayne Huizenga was assembling Auto Nation, it was interesting.

Q: Manufacturers are very good at developing programs to move iron, why nor to develop dealers.

A: Decades ago the Detroit 3 had programs to enable individuals to open dealerships, where they partners with the individual.

Q: Are you serious they had such programs? That would work wonders in Canada today to assist young people that have an entrepreneurial desire.

A: You guys are quick...although its easier for manufacturers to chase after big money, imaged real estate, and so on.

Q: In Canada manufacturers could make a compelling contribution towards young people.

A: Sure they could, go back to their roots where a dealer principle is part of the community, and so on...I could keep on going here...better to be brief.

Q: Perhaps Warren Buffet might do something like that in Canada?

A: That would certainly rattle a few cages...



Ducati Scrambler

Would you have ever thought...a Ducati Scrambler.