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McLaren MP4-12C vs Ferrari 458

Agreed...when a video is worth a gazillion words...



Vroom Room

Good Morning!

Its Friday...its Canada Day...its the Vroom Room, and a long week end. A red and white convertible is the car of choice...

Come in make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and cannoli this morning, join the conversation.

Yesterday was June month end, and the conclusion of the first half...think about this the first half of 2011 is a "done deal". In a few days it will be fascinating to see how "everyone" has done in June and for the first half of the year. In most instances we already know, or have a good idea, but let's wait for the numbers to emerge prior to sharing our thoughts.

Ever wonder why there is constant, and ongoing talk on "leadership"? Simple in many instances true leadership is not present, its amateurish, its lacking, its some sort of passive process embellished by verbiage. Accompanied by all sorts of opinions, and Powerpoints promoted by a myriad of individuals. 

Think of this humans are over 2,000 years old, yes...2,000 years! We have inexorably evolved while upholding certain constants. At a time when most folks are bombarded by a variety of thoughts, and opinions literally coming at them from 360 degrees. Perhaps in some ways they yearn for "old fashioned" ..."human" leadership. What is old fashioned / old school leadership? What do you think? 

Have you noticed that some manufacturers have lost several positions on the latest J.D.Power initial quality survey? Clearly "unfriendly" technology affects the perception of initial quality, we all knew that... or did we?

Heard on the houses in Canada are looking for vehicles to sell...are vehicles in Canada rare, or are they simply in another channel. Vehicle sales in Canada have not diminished during the past few years. Leasing has dimished dramatically in the past few years we all know that or did we? At Strada we have mentioned on several occasions, that the decrease of leasing was going to alter the "status quo". Auctions are on the front line of the altered status quo...

On a different note, Airflow Truck take a look!

We have been saying for some time "The Canadian Consumer enabled by Canadian Banks (lines of credit) has been sustaining the Canadian Economy for the past 24 months". Obvious that it could not last forever, the Canadian Consumer is at the end of its "credit line" will be interesting to see how the Canadian economy develops and evolves in the second half of this year. 

Have you noticed that some automotive pundits in a few paragraphs believe or think that they are going to fix or find a solution to the problems and challenges facing some manufacturers in Canada. If it would be that easy, they would have fixed it themselves...

An eclectic collage of old race

Have a wonderful Canada Day long week end.




What Makes People Tick

Interesting conversation with Daniel Pink...on what makes people tick at work. If you remember last year we featured annother conversation with Daniel Pink on "what motivates us"

Agreed...must be something about reaching the mid point of the year, being reflective, and seeking the burst of energy for the second half of the year.



Always Showtime

In case you did not know....especially with social media...its always Showtime!



RSV4 vs GT-R

Who do you think wins?