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Build the 458

Now that we have the engine...might as well build the car...


Build the 458 Engine

Follow the assembly of the Ferrari 458 engine (how is your Italian?)...



SLS Roadster

Jay is having fun, and enjoying the moment....



A Lap of the Ring

It does not get much cooler than this....enjoy! 



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Its Friday...its the Vroom Room...its a new month. Come in make yourself comfortable we have espresso and biscotti today.

August...the last month of the "dog days of summer" prior to the Labor Day reality check. There is still time to catch up on your summer activities while slowly....very slowly getting ready for the post Labor Day reality.

After a wet and miserable start, we are having a reasonable summer so far...hopefully you are enjoying time with family, friends, and taking occasional moments to be thankful, and appreciative. 

The other day it struck us that some Japanese manufacturers (you can fill in the blanks) in Canada, have been caught in a powerful maelstrom of competitive forces. One gets the feeling...the moment these manufacturers lost their priviliged position of having a "license to print money"....( can fill in your thoughts).

You have to wonder the effects of the "intellectual shrapnel" that were flying around during the "intellectual standoff" over the American debt ceiling....perhaps everyone knew the outcome, while everyone was wondering how the last deal was going to be structured. 

Can you lose credibility if the deal making takes too long...while becoming too public? What do you think?

Canadian sales in July did not dissapoint, after a strong June to conclude the 2nd quarter, and first half, it was expected that July would be a soft month. Soft for some, downright scary for others, while the manufacturers with momentum just keep on going, and going. 

Yes...the Car Wars are still going strong...we have the feeling that BMW will not blink this year. Out of the 3 warriors (MerBimAu) one will be a "little short" on sales by the end of this year. Which one do you think?

Is the downward spiral of the stock markets the first indications of "intellectual shrapnel" flying around the globe?

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