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While the Plane Crashed

What goes through one's mind...

"Ric Elias had a front-row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009."


Lambo in Rome

Lambo Aventador in Rome...enjoy!



Go Vote

Make it a point to VOTE today...

Many folks on this planet have demonstrated and lost their lives to have the privilege of elections and to vote.





Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Last Friday of the month, almost month end, its the Vroom Room, come in and make yourself comfortable.

Before we forget, make sure you vote on Monday, you know the saying "Folks get the government they deserve" make it a point to vote, so that we get the government we deserve, and hopefully with some stuff that everyone talks about these days....passionate leadership .

Month end it will be interesting to see how April sales developed or did not develop in Canada. What do you think? 

Have you...yes you have certainly experienced the price of gas...these past few weeks. We knew it was coming (since 2008), it was merely a question of time. We agree that paying $1.50 a liter for premium is an intellectual leap...perhaps even a high wire act. 

Will it dampen pick up sales? Will it dampen the "transcend winter" sales? Agreed...that it will be instructive to see how CSM (Citizen Main Street) behaves with escalating gas, and food prices.

Think about least that auto industry did achieve the golden age of horsepower a few years ago. At the time we shared our thoughts to get your horsepower before it was too late, hopefully you did, and enjoyed your serious horsepower experience. We did!

A few days ago we were following a German high performance sedan, the version with over 500 HP, perhaps a few turbos, elaborate exhaust tips, diffuser under the rear bumper for the look. Its 2011...not 2008...what is wrong with this picture, many pumps stop at $100 you can't even fill it up on the first attempt, and many pumps will not take the same credit card again. 

Think about this...the first try stops at $100...then start over again with another credit card to keep on going...obvious that at some point they will alter the software for pay at the pump to go beyond $100.

In the meantime many manufacturers have small cars with all the features, and amenities of larger cars. Will it be gas (small cars), or transcending winter? What do you think? 

The usual old race

In case you thought we forgot...Prince William on a




Motus on the Track

Cool sound....enjoy!