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Cars vs Bikes

Who do you think wins with the fastest 1/4 mile times?



Vroom Room 

Good Morning!

Last Friday of the month...yes the Vroom Room with capuccino and biscotti...enjoy!

It will be interesting to see in a few days how May sales will develop in Canada...what do you think? We agree the signals are mixed for the month.

Yes The Colonel is still tied up with several projects, we did mention that it would go into June, its definitely progressing to June until he liberates himself from some of these projects.

The Indy 500 is this week end, while celebrating its 100th Anniversary, another pictorial depicting the history of the

Agreed for some reason its been very wet, not so warm, and lets say a prayer for all the folks that have suffered and lost loved ones in the various tornadoes, floods, and fires. Perhaps just rain and chilly mornings is not so bad after all.

Have you noticed that manufacturers with smaller cars are promoting the accident safety of these small cars, especially side impact safety. Its a good thing that all manufacturers have/are making diligent efforts to make their smaller vehicles safe. 

We agree that when the price of gas rises, some folks notice, most complain, and most keep on driving at the same speed with the same vehicles that displace a lot of air. While the oil companies calibrate the price at the pumps to uphold a sense of equilibrium.

Comprehensive photo gallery of Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este



Aston Martin Virage

Informative walk around if the Virage with Jay Leno...



Black Falcon

Black Falcon by Falcon Motorcycles...



Royal Enfield Bullet

The enduring, classic look of the single cylinder Royal Enfield Bullet, seems Jay Leno appreciates bikes that are still made out of steel.