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The Canadian Comsumer is Smart

As you know we often mention the Canadian Consumer as CMS - Citizen Main Street.

We are of the opinion that CMS is not as dumb as some media and pundits would like you to believe. More important CMS is quick to adjust to the economic environment. 

The Canadian economy is powered by CMS having evolved into a consumer economy.

Looking at Canadian auto sales:

We mentioned sometime ago that free flowing money was powering auto sales. Sales records are broken on a monthly basis. 

Now presumably CMS is in deep yogurt with long term loans and rolling over deficiencies, and it begs the question how long can this last before it blows up?

If you remember in the good old days of leasing the question a few years ago was how long can it last before it collapses under the weight of residual risk?

The reality, free flowing money has raised auto sales to new heights that have shattered records forthe past couple of years.

While CMS is contantly evolving from an ownership to a mobility model when it comes to vehicles.

Consider the most successful manufacturers in Canada have improved, tweaked, calibrated, at times pivoted the mobility model. These manufacturers were not exclusively in the ownership model, and have successfully expanding their own mobility model.

While the pundits are waiting for the sky to fall. The Canadian Consumer is offered a myriad of monthly incentives, from competing manufacturers, is enabled to roll over deficiencies, all at a constant monthly payment.

The other Canadian Consumers that have been on the mobility model for a longer period of time simply replace one leased vehicle with another.

As the pundits have an ongoing discussion of "social media" relating to the auto business, and other pundits discuss the disadvantages of long term financing. The Canadian Consumer keeps on expanding the mobility model empowered and enabled by manufacturers and the financial services.

With increasing talk of autonomous vehicles, which consumer wants to keep any vehicle for any lenght of time?

We could keep on going...what do you think?




Getting Started

Great way to start the week...




Mother's Day

To all the Mothers...




Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

An informative story, and walk around of an original 1936 H-D Knucklehead with Jay Leno.






Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, we have cappuccino and biscotti, make yourself comfortable, join the conversation.

At one point we were die hard NASCAR fans, and huge Dale Earnhardt fans. Yes...we had the unique opportunity of seeing Dale at Daytona almost 20 years ago. Imagine for a moment if there would be a Sprint Cup NASCAR race in Montreal at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Think about this for a moment...

The "good ole boys" racing at Ile Notre Dame, and socializing at Thursday's on Crescent...

Last Sunday we watched the start and the last 20 laps of the Geico 500 at Talladega. It was memorable to see Junior win, remember his father by showing 3 fingers to the fans, and get emotional in the winners circle.

Wondering why Ford is behind the 8 ball with Canadian sales? Simple...not enough pick ups, really not enough pick ups to keep up with demand.

Freightliner just launched the Inspiration the first autonomous truck to e granted a license.

If everyone is pressed for time. If a ton of folks do not read, ever wonder who the folks that comment on automotive sites are all about. Folks that never owned a motorcycle commenting on "riding a motorcycle" makes you wonder.

Back to some point the demise of e-mail is that most folks do not read, often do not remember what they read. If you evolved at a time when the "office memo" with the often long distribution list on top, usually generated by an assistant to a high ranking individual in the organisation.  Back in the day content on paper probably captured more attention. Today digital content has a propensity of getting lost...not read.

Old Ferrari's from Concorso Ferrari 2015...enjoy.




This Is Formula 1

Awesome video...with a bit of nostalgia...enjoy!




Going Fast

Have you noticed the popularity, and box office results of the latest Fast and Furious? Its almost or it is off the charts.

A few years ago we had a discussion at Strada that 600 HP was going to be the top end of horsepower ratings. Often the Strada Crew reminds The Colonel that today its beyond 600.

We all know that technology is the enabler of massive horsepower in any vehicle. Back in the days of muscle cars massive horsepower was often a lethal weapon, and always recalcitrant on the street.

Lets look at a few points:

  • Horsepower, performance, going fast costs money. There is a difference between reading a review of vehicles that go fast, and owning and maintaining one of these vehicles.
  • Going to the track is expensive, the wear and tear factor of tracking a high horsepower/performance vehicle increases dramatically.
  • The current roads and traffic are totally counter productive to uncovering windows of opportunity.
  • The speed legislations are strict and prohibitive...lets leave it at that.

Why do manufacturers build these vehicles? Because they can, they are technological "tour de force", they are halo vehicles, they create buzz, they reinforce the brand.

Is it a human condition to go fast? What do you think? Being candid its also a ton of work, concentration, adrenalin, accompanied by an element of danger, and very tiring. Agreed...its also fun.

The performance envelope of these vehicles is beyond the understanding of the ambient traffic, which becomes dangerous.

The reality is that you are hauling around a myriad of go fast components to basically use them for a few seconds when a window of opportunity opens up.

Back in the day cooling an engine was always a challenge, a huge fan for traffic conditions was a drag on performance, for some reason radiators were never big enough, and adding an oil cooler was always a good thing. Imagine the v8's with the turbos inside the V, the management system will shut down the engine.

Go to a track, and you can quickly over heat a performance car after several laps, the engine temperature is getting high, the brakes are too hot, the wear factor is also high.

Drive on an autobahn at 200 kph it demands massive levels of concentration, and deep pockets.

Do we really need to go fast, or know that we have a vehicle that can go fast?



Canadian Sales - April 2015

An amazing month, the best April in recent history.

By now all manufacturers know the routine and increase the level of advertising during the second part of the month. April merely followed along...

The environment:

Gas is not that cheap.

The Canadian dollar no longer buys as much,

Money remains inexpensive and free flowing.

What caught our attention:

  • GM decided to move iron in April and displace FCA for the month.
  • We continue to scratch our heads with Ford.
  • Lexus gaining additional momentum with the NX
  • Is it fair to say Porsche powered by Macan?
  • The Micra continues to make a difference for Nissan. 
  • MerBimAu as usual showing continued increases.
  • The endless migration towards SUV/CUV increases and endures.

One more thing:

Its very competitive and CMS (Citizen Main Street) is the big winner.





Making a Rolls-Royce

Cool video...




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, the first day of May, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, we have cappuccino and biscotti. Did you know we have been serving a virtual cappuccino at the Vroom Room for several years.

If you have an interest in yachts, this is the first hybrid boat with a single Warstila diesel, take a look at the Feadship Savannah. We think its really cool...

Have you been thinking about a Ferrari 488 GTB? can configure your own here.

If you missed our thoughts on Mobile Friendly, we urge you to make it a point to review your online presence.

Did you know that most if not all vehicles with an electric fuel pump, if the engine runs out of oil pressure the fuel pump will shut down. From way back in the day it was a safety feature that if something untoward happened to the car (flipping on its roof) the fuel pump would not keep on pumping.

Today with sensors, and computers the fuel pump shuts down even faster.

Someday we will share the story of a Chevrolet Vega station wagon, excessive oil consumption, oil pressure light coming on, fuel pump shutting down. Aluminum block, no cylinder liners, steel head, and epic oil consumption.

If you live in the GTA have you noticed that premium gas is 21 cents a liter more than regular. If you can afford a vehicle that requires premium, you can afford to pay...must be the thinking of the oil companies.

Today is the start of the Spring Collector Car auction at the International Center. If your agenda permits make it a point to visit the auction, there are some great cars, and Dan Spendick of CCP always makes an effort to have a memorable event.

Our usual old race cars from HSR Mitty at Road Atlanta.