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Technology Meets Reality with a Used Car

Yesterday you surely read of Walter's demise. What a way to start the week! We had a feeling that it would be that outcome, and initiated a casual search for another car.

Interesting exercise, you can wear CMS (Citizen Main Street) shoes, you can wear the dealer, and manufacturer shoes, search for new, search for used. Yes...the sky is the limit on a screen. Be it a PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone.

We even had the epiphany that metal must resonate to close a deal.

Project 200K with Walter was a whimsical idea at the outset, we became whimsical in finding another car; with the entire Strada Crew participating.

Bouncing, and floating all sorts of ideas, perhaps just for the fun of it, or to see what would stick. The reality is that we all knew where the road was leading, but lets float ideas, and possibilities just to make it interesting.

Using technology is easy and fun, have you considered this, take a look at that, there is a deal on this other thing. We could keep on going, you can surely visualise that its fun.

Take all the dots, connect the ones that are meaningful to us, that resonate, and lets see where it goes. Just in case The Colonel actually has to find another car to replace Walter.

Out of the blue (luck) The Colonel uncovers a car that resonates with him, the dots connect, the pieces fit, the online photos are great. Its a Wow moment of "How did I find this car" of those where a car just emerges. Not was the result of a methodical search process...the car was still a surprise.

Lets get the technology going...

The dealer takes this car in trade, enabled by technology features the car, the prospective buyer also enabled by technology finds the car and peruses the photos, and price. Not a big deal its done everyday with thousands of cars, and buyers.

The buyer with technology realises that its a market price, the dealer with technology knows that its an aggressive price. From the dealer's perspective its a unique car, wants to sell it fast, its outside of his business model (a little old).

Lets get the reality going...

In this particular instance The Colonel needs to see, feel, touch the metal. He is looking for a car that resonates. The seller quickly concludes this guy drove a few hundred kilometers he's very interested.

You can do several role plays "If I'd have to take this car in trade I'd pay so much" and so on, and on.

The car is unique with provenance, the dealer had to step up to own that car.

Yes...The Colonel wants the car, he also steps up, closes the deal.

Some things in the auto business never change even with all the technology, that moment when you either step up or step away is timeless.

What we learned...

A- The technology, the values, the role playing are telling you that its marginally too much money. In this instance approximately 8-10% too much. There is more than money.

B- Its a unique car (model, color combination, options, condition) with exceptional provenance. Not easy to find another one. The enduring "Go find another like this one"...its not a 2012 CPO something with good, widespread availability.

C- It was a methodical search to find the car, good fortune that its not sold..."We need to own this car now". Seize the moment.

D- The car resonates, when it comes to your own car we remain big kids which is still fun, and exiciting after all these years.




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