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Your Own Editor

We constantly advise you to be your own editor, at a time when anyone can publish, mainstream media is a huge blog, and everyone is chasing eyeballs for a variety of reasons.

While everyone is pressed for time, with a shorter attention span. 

There is an infinite amount of published stuff, by an immense number of individuals, on a myriad of platforms, directed towards folks that have less time and even less attention. This surely explains some of the headlines, and the importance given to insignificant events to capture the moment.

While the number of experts, analysts, pundits, disseminating pedestrian knowledge is reaching epic proportions. Perhaps its becoming its own industry. 

Have you noticed that many publications put a price on what they disseminate, if its free its genuinely pedestrian stuff, if it involves a higher level of thinking its usually premium content destined for folks that pay (subscribers). 

Its perhaps the same for the various pundits, that have their own groupings, their own points of reference, and their own group security blankets. There must be some security in numbers.

We again urge you to be your own editor.

By now you know that at Strada our content is not pedestrian, although its free, and we would like to think that we provoke your thinking...yes we do. 



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