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The Connected Car

Its over 10 years that some vehicles are "connected" usually with a dedicated cellular line, with OnStar immediately coming to mind, and On Star has a very sophisticated operation to assist the millions of subscribers. 

At the same time cars have not been connected to enable WiFi, or to communicate on board diagnostics. Perhaps initial demand was low, the variables were and still are in the gazillion, and "who needs these additional headaches when there are a myriad of pressing priorities. 

Perhaps before we evolve to self driving vehicles, we should at least insist they they be connected. When it comes to being connected vehicles are in the dark ages, where its usually the customer/owner smart and or storage device that does the connecting for the vehicle.

It would be cool to have a connected vehicle with own WiFi spot, can send diagnostic signals to the manufacturer, can receive software updates, and so on. 

Would it encourage multi tasking, probably not any worse then today, would it make it simpler to have a good operating at its optimum, sure it would.

Activating a data package in the business office when a customer acquires a vehicle can be an additional source of revenue for dealers.

Cleansing the electronics of a vehicle when its traded in could be another revenue source. Agreed at one point manufacturers willfully steered clear of all these potential pitfalls.

We agree trains and buses have been connected for some time.



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