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Evolution of the Social Autosphere 

Lets reflect on what has changed in the Social Autosphere and Social Autotainment? 

Its a constantly evolving target, and yes everyone is seeking a level of comfort with some sort of metric that supports the decision process, while justifying the level of comfort. 

The boldness at the outset of Social Media (almost 3 years ago) has dissipated into various shades of comfortable, predictable, archaic grey. Creating an illusion of security..."if everyone functions within the grey, it must be good".

Change is not easy, jumping on a concept is easy especially when it fits within a budget, executing lasting change, and gaining an advantage from the change...different story.

One needs to sell, the other needs to earn a living, another is facing pragmatic realities, still another needs eyballs to justify metrics, time is the ultimate luxury, attention spans are brief, someone else needs metrics to justify ROI, while everyone is an expert. We could keep on going...surely you are grasping the current autosphere landscape in Canada.

While the prospects, and customers increasingly use mobile technology (smart phones) to access the information they require to empower their decisions. From a recent survey of Gen Y's by "Activities in which mobile car shoppers engage in the most include viewing photos (77%), finding dealership information (76%), reading expert/consumer vehicle reviews (74%), comparing vehicle prices (71%), searching vehicle listings (67%) and reading reviews of dealerships (51%)."

In Canada at the conclusion of last year (only a few days ago), its abundantly clear that the auto market did not expand sufficiently, the market this year (2012) will again not expand to provide a level of comfort. 

Will we see manufacturers use the social autosphere in an audacious fashion, with an audacious purpose. What do you think?

Will we see dealers become increasingly audacious? What do you think?

The consumer, prospect, customer is audacious, and seeking increased audacity to empower their decisions. Who will provide the audacity? What do you think?

Or will we see a continued increase of grey, which lacks the capability to empower decisions? What do you think? 


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