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Think Verde..!

What is Think Verde?

We could have said Think Green...same thing...from our perspective Verde is a different way of saying the same thing.

Are we embracing the Green movement, or jumping on the Green its the reason we did not use Green.

Lets ask The Colonel a few questions regarding Think Verde, and see what he has to say, he's been around for a few years.

Q - Why Think Verde?

A - It might sound foolish, when I was a kid I often used to wonder what would happen when the planet would run out of gas. It might have been a selfish thought process, that I wanted to be certain that there would be gas left so that I could drive a car.

Q - Are you saying that you have been thinking about gas for so many years?

A - Yes, and when I was going to university I had the A sticker on the windshield of my car (the A sticker was for gas rationing during WWII), must have been some subliminal thing about my childhood, gas, having a car, having gas to drive.

Q - We are not running out of gas (fossil fuel), or do you know something that we don't know.

A - It does not seem that we are running out of gas, but we are running out of the climate that we know on our planet, and we all know what happened to dinosaur.

Q - The climate is changing, the ozone is depleting, we are all aware of these changes.

A - I agree, we have been hearing, reading about these changes for years. People that have been on this planet for a few decades, went from "could it be that the climate is changing?" to "there must be some veracity to all this climate change stuff that we hear, I have never seen such crazy climatic conditions". The conclusion is that something is going on, the climate is changing.

To be continued...


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