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2017 Honda Ridgeline

2017 Honda Ridgeline Black Edition

3.5L V6 280 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Black with Black-Red Inserts Leather Interior

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We were anxious to spend a few days with another mid size pick up. This new Ridgeline caught our attention from the launch...with its decidedly more pronounced truck look. The styling is appreciably more pick up than the previous version. Its angular, upright, which generates an improved street presence, especially with the Black Edition.

Finally the Ridgeline after all these years looks like a pick up with character and attitude.

One direction for mid size pick ups is to build a smaller "commercial" pick up. The other direction is a softer "utility" with a box. The Ridgeline is in the utility with a box camp. Which from our perspective is a good thing. Honda is not really in the the pick up business.

The interior is well executed with contrast stitching on the leather, augmented by subtle red inserts. In addition to being immense as you would anticipate in a crew cab. All the expected features are present, navigation, back up camera, power seats, to name a few. As well as a solid sound system with 540 watts and 8 speakers.

The rear seat is spacious with adult leg room, as well as versatile with folding seat cushions.

Yes...the bed is plastic lined with an additional lock able compartment in the floor which is surely useful to carry items completely out of sight. There is also a 120 volt power outlet to facilitate tailgate parties, or other social activities.

You can configure your own

How does it drive?

Disrupting the pick up tradition the Ridgeline has a transverse engine which is an immediate reminder that its a platform that comes from somewhere else in the Honda family.

The cool now looks like a pick up, while driving like a utility vehicle.

Its a wonderful driving experience from the perspective that its a utility with a bed. Smooth, refined, with adequate power, and a responsive 6 speed automatic transmission.

If you are seeking a bed instead of a rear cargo area with a tailgate. You need to experience this new Ridgeline for yourself.


Strada Talking Points:

  • Finally "truck" styling.
  • Well executed interior.
  • Lockable compartment in the bed.
  • Smooth drive.
  • Transverse engine.

The quick review...


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