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2015 Ram

2015 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Big Horn

3.0 L V6 Eco Diesel 240 HP with 8 Speed Automatic Transmission

Deep Cherry Red Pearl with Beige/Brown Cloth interior

The photo gallery/slide show of the

Although all pick ups have a bold grille, for some reason the Ram grille stands out more or makes a more emphatic statement. Because of the grille, the Ram has been capturing our attention for quite some time.

As you know diesel pick ups are usually the heavy duty work versions, with reasonable fuel economy when working, and poor when not working.

Agreed...there is a serious cool factor surrounding diesel pick ups. 

Where we anxious to spend a few days with this Eco Diesel Ram? Yes we were...

The Big Horn version has an appealing two tone cloth interior, with the theme carried over to the dash and door panels. This is one time where its refreshing not to encounter a leather trimmed interior. Cloth seats in a pick works very well especially in a 2 tone combination.

The interior is spacious, the attention to details is very good, the front console is wide to quickly serve as a work area. The features compete with any luxury vehicle, while most folks with luxury vehicles probably do not realise that pick ups often have more convenience options than their cars. This Ram is bursting with a myriad of features, starting with navigation, impressive sound system, satellite radio, heated steering wheel, automatic climate control, power rear window, sunroof to name a few.

The controls on the 8.4 inch touch screen are intuitive.

Agreed pick ups are big, although with a rear camera, parking assist, blind spot monitors, the Ram immediately diminishes in size especially when negotiating tight spots.

You can configure your own

How does it drive?

The first thing that grasps the attention is the quietness of the diesel engine. Its very quiet, with a substantial rush of torque at low revolutions. This tester had the air suspension which makes it very smooth especially on the highway. In addition the suspension lowers the truck at highway speeds.

Lots of torque, smooth shifting 8 speed automatic, air suspension, reinforced by impressive fuel economy this truck quickly becomes endearing.

It handles likes a pick up, with a reasonable steering feel and good brakes, its all part of the driving a pick up experience. Obvious the transfer case has a low range, you would not expect anything less. As well this tester had the required skid plates for serious off road activity...just in case.

While experiencing this Ram, and reading that Mercedes-Benz is perhaps considering a pick up. The thought that M-B would probably have a pick up with a diesel, and a myriad of features, similar to this truck occured to us on a few occasions.

Agreed the pick up segment is hyper competitive, the diesel engine option in this Ram is over $4,000. but the cool factor is priceless. If you are seeking a light duty pick up with a diesel, we urge you to experience the Ram Eco Diesel.

Strada Talking Points

  • Quiet and economical diesel engine
  • Air suspension
  • All the features you expect
  • Great highway cruiser
  • Easy to maneuver in tight spots


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