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2015 Camaro SS Convertible

2015 Camaro SS Convertible - Commemorative Special Edition

6.2L V8 400 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Red Hot with Adrenaline Red and Black Leather

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We had not experienced a Camaro in some time. Its interesting to spend a few days with a convertible and an automatic transmission.

This tester is very red, with in your face street presence. We have a myriad of vehicles in our driveway at different times. This very red Camaro is the one that elicited a comment "Love that car" from one of our neighbours.

Compared to the one we had a few years ago, the grille is refreshed with a more appealing headlight treatment. Now there is a center screen in the dash. The wheels on this tester from our perspective are nicer too.

The power bulge on the hood with the functional vent...its iconic, nostalgia, just plain cool.

The interior is well executed with a good choice of materials, and contrast stitching. The front seats are power adjustable, and very comfortable, the rear seat is strictly for occasional use. Good sound system, manual HVAC, with the iconic gauges on the console, the center screen has a navigation system, as well as a back up camera which is useful. Its a convertible, the trunk is diminutive.

The softop is easy to operate, although a little slow to open or close with a manual lock at the windshield.

You can configure your own

Its a convertible, its a Camaro with 400 HP, and an automatic transmission with paddle shifts. It should be a fun absolutely does not disappoint...its a seriously fun open top Camaro.

Very solid for a convertible even on our favorite broken pavement road, and obvious there is some additional road noise with the top up which is expected with a convertible.

The drive...

Strong performance with superior acceleration, a smooth highway cruiser with authoritative passing power. Good steering feel although from our perspective it could have a heavier feel, strong Brembo brakes, well calibrated automatic transmission with authoritative shifts when required.

Its summer...put the top out your favorite winding road, put the shifter in manual mode, adjust the HUD (heads up display) to see which gear you are in and go a pleasant drive.

Totally cool experience with the paddle shifts, especially on down shifts with the engine rev matching and positive shifts to set up an apex. This car will forcefully instigate you to get exuberant, while inspiring confidence especially in tight turns.

You probably don't need a Camaro convertible as a daily driver. Do you want one on a wonderful summer day to enjoy with the top down...yes you do its a priceless experience.

Strada Talking Points

  • In your face street presence
  • Strong V8 with 400 HP
  • Solid structure
  • Responsive paddle shift
  • Motoring fun with the top down

The quick review


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