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2013 Ford Fusion - Smooth and Handsome

2013 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid

2.0L Atkinson Cycle 4 cylinder 141 HP with CVT Transmission

Electric Motor rated at 118 HP with the Hybrid system rated at 188 HP

Ruby Red Tri Coat with Charcoal Black Cloth interior

The photo gallery / slide show of the 2013 Fusion.

We were anxious to spend a few days, and experience the new Fusion, yes we think its an appealing car, with styling that generates a strong street presence. 

The fact that its an hybrid is an added benefit, by now you know that we enjoy cars with electric motors. There is an undeniable cool factor in turning the key and simply having a green indicator telling you that the car is "ready".

Before we forget the Hybrid SE version starts at $29,999. which is exceptional value for a mid size hybrid sedan. 

While the styling, the 4 door fastback look grasps your initial attention, the spaciousness of the interior truly focuses your attention that its not only a good looking, but also a spacious, useful sedan.

The interior is well finished, in this version the cloth with the contrasting red stitching is appealing, complemented by navigation, satellite radio, a back up camera supported by rear parking sensors which are very useful. The power seats, automatic climate control are additional appreciated features. While rear seat leg room is for adults. We did notice a fair amount of black plastic under the center of the dash screen.

You expect a smaller trunk in an hybrid with space being used by the battery pack, which is the case with this car, the surprise is the folding seat backs which greatly enhance the versatility of the trunk.

How does it drive?

We had an opportunity to go for a road trip, while experiencing the Fusion on the highway for a few hours, its a wonderful highway cruiser, with an adequate level of power. The cruise control is enabled by technology which instead of accelerating the gasoline engine enlist the assistance of the electric motor when a slight increase in power is required.

On surface streets its the typical Ford hybrid system with a judicious blend of ICE / EV clearly visible on the dash, as well as the trademark leaves that grow with increased hybrid activity. A new feature is the scoring of the regenarative braking, which will score your brakes efficiency.

The steering feel is just right for a mid size sedan, the road holding inspires confidence, the regenerative brakes are aggressive until one get used to achieving a high regen score.  

Lets not forget that you can cover reasonable distances on just the electric motor, at lower speeds.

We agree that the mid size sedan segment is hyper competitive with formidable competitors. We are confident that the Fusion will not only hold its own, but certainly elbow some entrenched players in the segment.

If you are considering a mid size sedan, and perhaps the Fusion did not make your list, make it a point to experience the Fusion, the fastback styling is appealing, its surprisingly spacious, with exceptional performance within the parameters of the segment. 

The quick review. 


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