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2010 Genesis - Value that Wows

2010 Genesis with Premium Package

3.8L V6 290 HP with 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Cabernet Red Pearl with Beige leather

Photo Gallery / Slide Show of the Genesis

By now you have heard of the Genesis, you know that it was nominated the Canadian luxury car of the year in its segment, you know that its aimed directly at some serious mid size luxury car competition, and you know that its from Hyundai. 

The Genesis is a bold, provocative statement from Hyundai that elicits bold comments. We think its totally cool that Hyundai makes such a statement and injects excitement in a market segment that was ripe for increased competitive action. 

Hyundai tells us that the Genesis is a luxury car that can compete with established players in the segment, its a game changer, its exciting, and one has the impression that the Genesis with time, and additional refinements will increasingly win hearts, and minds.

From our perspective the Genesis is a good middle of the road luxury sedan, that raises the expectations, and value proposition for the entire segment. The folks at Genesis have done their due diligence, this sedan on a spreadsheet comes out ahead of the established competitors. 

One thing even the harshest commenters agree, the exterior styling is clean, crisp, and appealing. The interior is meticulously well finished with a good materials, even the doors have a sound of quality when closed. 

The Genesis has all the features you expect from a mid size rear wheel drive luxury car, from power seats, to xenon headlamps, to a multi link front suspension, are all the specs.

The technology interface for the navigation, XM satellite, and radio is straightforward and intuitive, the Lexicon Logic 7.0 sound system with 14 speakers is impressive. In addition there is Bluetooth, MP3 connectivity, and the usual steering controls.

All the safety features are present, notable the rear door air bags are not an option contrary to some offerings in the segment, ABS brakes, Traction and electronic stability, plus front active headrests.

Its an appealing car with discreet street presence, a well finished and roomy interior, good middle of the road performance, and competitive specifications for the segment. 

How does it drive?

It feels like a rear wheel drive sedan which is one of the most prominent indicator of a luxury mid size sedan. Think about this for a moment...its a Korean rear wheel drive sedan!

It drives well, with acceptable performance from the V6, a good on centre feel in the steering, the brakes are impressive, keeps its composure on broken pavement, its a comfortable drive with a sporting edge that instills confidence; the car has a sporting nature which is discreet but emerges when you need it. 

Its a superlative highway cruiser, yes we were impressed with the Genesis on the highway, it enjoys and urges elevated speeds. Using the cruise control is almost a pre requisite to avert getting in situations.

One minor irritant the shift lever has a tendency of going into the manumatic slot when shifting from Drive to Park, for some reason there is no folding seat back which is a standard feature in the majority of mid size sedan. 

The fuel economy rating is 7.2L highway and 11.4L city per 100 kms. 

The Genesis has a 5 Year / 100,000 kms Comprehensive Warranty, sadly the warranty covers the entertainment system for only 36 months.

Its refreshing to see the Genesis awaken the mid size luxury sedan segment. Will the customers of established players in the segment migrate to a Genesis? Probably not! Will the Genesis tempt, and realign the value proposition of potential customers considering a mid size luxury sedan. Absolutely!

The Wow factor of the Genesis is the value, its a lot of rear wheel drive sedan for the money. Yes, the Genesis recalibrates in its favor the value proposition for the entire segment.

If you are considering a mid size luxury sedan, in your decision process make it a point to experience the Genesis. You will discover a new value proposition!


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