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2010 Camry - An Honest Car

2010 Toyota Camry LE

Magnetic Grey Metallic with Ash Fabric Interior

2.5L VVT-i 4 Cyl. 169 HP - 6 Speed Automatic with Sequential Shift Mode.

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2010 Camry LEThe opportunity arose to spend a few days with a Camry with the new for 2010 2.5L 4 cylinder, and 6 speed automatic. We not only jumped, we were excited.

What is exciting about a 4 cylinder Camry? In light of the fuel economy regulations that were legislated, and adopted for 2016 this car provides a glimpse into the future. 

The Camry is a benchmark car in the highly competitive mid size sedan segment, Canadian sales of the Camry for the past several years reinforce that it is a successful benchmark car in its price segment. In this segment the competitive landscape among manufacturers with a constantly evolving value propositions is a benefit to the customer. 

It’s a Toyota you instinctively expect superlative fit, and finish accompanied by attention to all the details, reinforced by elegant simplicity. The car upholds that Toyota knows how to “put a car together” in an elegant fashion.

The interior is roomy, the Ash fabric of our test car is pleasant, everything fits well, with comprehensive gauges in the dash, accompanied by easy to operate controls actually designed for human hands. Some switch gear might seem conservative, while conveying the message that its simple, and reliable. Keeping in mind that the LE is the “frugalista” version of the Camry.

The trunk is well finished, and a good size, with fold down rear seat backs to increase the ability to carry larger items if the need arises.

Being a front wheel drive the engine is transverse mounted, with the usual plastic covers, and easy accessible to replenish the windshield washer fluid or check the oil, if you enjoy using a dip stick.

The car has the full complement of safety features from front, side, curtain airbags, including a knee bag for the driver, as well as ABS brakes,TRAC (advance traction control), and VSC (stability control).

If you are considering a mid size sedan in this segment, you have quickly realized that its not only competitive, most vehicles offer the same specifications with varying nuances to create a distinction.

What is it about this car that caught our attention? Its an “honest” car it does not pretend to be something that its not, and the 4 cylinder with 6 speed automatic is a future oriented power train that is being adopted by more manufacturers. If a 4 cylinder gives you pause, be assured that its an excellent combination for economy, and efficiency with good mid range performance. Its rated at 6.1L per 100 kms on the highway. 

It’s a solid car that impresses when driven over rougher or broken roads, it never loses its composure. Similar to some Teutonic cars that are thousands more, or even multiples of the price. It takes a serious car to keep its composure over rough pavement.

What is remarkable, its an “honest and transparent middle of the road, mid size sedan with discreet street presence”. Its easy to say that it might be a boring car, the primary mission in life of a mid size sedan is to be an excellent all purpose car. This Camry LE is so honest that it does not encourage you to be spirited or aggressive, or mislead you in believing that it can deal with spirited driving, or that its anything else than a middle of the road car. While constantly communicating “throw anything middle of the road at me and I’ll deal with it each time, and every time, for a long time”.

The car has a strong mid size sedan "sweet spot".

Why is it a glimpse into the future? We believe that in a few years more sedans will be similar to this Camry LE to meet economy, efficiency regulations, and still maintain a reasonable price. Perhaps Toyota has a head start!

This Camry LE starts at $24,650. our tester had the Convenience Package at $470 for a total of $25,120. There are no massive discounts, or huge incentives, its a fair good value price. Perhaps in an environemt of massive discounts, and deals, a fair good value price is an awesome deal.

Toyota was second in the Canadian Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study by JD Power with 833 points, literally one point behind the winner. The site it not only informative, Toyota makes a diligent effort to “inform and empower” a visitor, and offer to do business with a high degree of transparency.

What can we say, its a beautiful thing to visit, and use the Toyota site. Spend some time on the site, it empowers!

The specifications of the Camry.

The warranty is 36/60,000 on the car and 60/100,000 on the powertrain.

You can build/configure, get a price for your trade, and calculate a lease or finance payment for a Camry from the comfort of your home or office....Try it out.

Toyota is prepared to put “skin in the game” and lease a Camry with a realistic residual (50% of MSRP for a 36 month lease) at a realistic rate (3.9% for 36 months).

Are you considering a mid size sedan? Visit the Toyota site, then a dealer to experience the Camry and see if it fits your needs, and requirements. The new 2.5L 4 cylinder with the 6 speed automatic will impress impressed us.

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