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Reality Check

While we bask in the remaining Dog Days of Summer, and hopefully enjoy improving summer climatic conditions. Must be wishful thinking on the weather.

Lets take a look at what sort of reality is lurking around the corner (crystal balling) past Labor Day. 

The World:

If you have the feeling that the perils, and chaos in the world are higher now than they were at the beginning of the summer. We share your thoughts...

Agreed, in an interconnected planet/globe/world what happens on the other side, affects this side, and so on.

The Climate:

Lets blame the jet stream for the miserable July we experienced in central Canada.

Cost of Money:

Low rates will remain for quite some time to come. If they do rise it will be by minuscule increments.


Many consumers with good credit are leveraged to the maximum. Think about this for a moment especially if you are in the auto business.


You really want to go there, its been stagnant in Canada for some time. It will remain stagnant, we missed the boat/the train/the plane/the bus. We are hitching rides, and will continue to hitch rides.

Yes...we could have a lengthy discussion.


What happened to "Made in Canada" and lets leave it at that. As consumers we prefer to buy a price, and made on the other side of the get the cheapest price.

Skilled Trades: 

We are well educated, stuffed full of student loans, and the entrepreneurial spirit. We prefer to "import" skilled trades. Its mind boggling.

Cost Cutting:

Will endure to generate the cheapest price that most consumers are seeking.


Its a fine much quality can be packaged in the cheapest price.

Free Flowing Money:

Will continue, everyone is on a roll using OPM (other people's money).

Real Estate:

Keeps a bunch of pundits going, in the prime markets it will continue to escalate. For many its not just a house but an investment medium.

Auto Sales:

Manufacturers will stay "throttled up" till the end of the year. The impact of premium economy will become more apparent. Yes...mid size sedans are being replaced by SUV/CUV's.






If you remember we started the year with a mention of assholes.

At a time of increased transparency, emphasis on teamwork, assholes are more rampant than ever, which gets one wondering....

A couple of asshole species we have bumped into lately.

1- Have no clue what I'm doing:

This individual knows all the acronyms, possesses surface knowledge gleaned from a myriad of seminars, and has an aggressive tongue to protect the vacuum behind the facade.

This individual has all the glib answers and no understanding. Since they have all the answers their capacity to learn and understand is minuscule at best.

Accompanied by posturing that its all under control, while they are inexorably sinking in their own (you know what).

2- Save my ass:

This form of asshole..ism is pervasive, and empowered by technology.

It goes like this " I don't have enough intestinal fortitude to step up to the issue..."   "Lets see how events develop, and who I can nudge under the bus to save my sorry ass"

If businesses needs to be nimble, flexible, creative, and fast to thrive in the current business world, assholes have the same traits to protect and save their asses.

Agreed...its an unrelenting circle that is in perpetual motion.




Black Magic Woman

If you are a Santana fan this is a cool version of Black Magic Woman...yes Dennis chambers is on drums.



Classic SRV

Yes...Stevie Ray Vaughan...enjoy



Ana Popovic

Cool sounds..,