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Genesis A New Luxury Brand


From the press release...

Today marks the launch of Genesis Motors Canada, a new entry into the automotive industry that will compete by going beyond simply delivering world-class vehicles, to exceeding customer expectations with a modern, human-centred purchase and ownership model.

Genesis will compete amongst the best automotive brands in the world with vehicles that deliver refined performance and athletic elegance in design. However, setting Genesis apart from competitors will be human-focused innovation creating a stress-free customer experience. Key to that approach will be a modern, comprehensive online platform to empower a luxury automotive customer in ways unique to the industry.

For example, potential owners will be able to schedule a “Genesis at Home” demonstration and vehicle test drive with a Genesis representative at a location of their choosing. They can even complete lease or finance paperwork, make a deposit, and place an order for a new vehicle through the digital platform from the comfort of their home or office.

Equally important, all quotes are transparent, with set, all-inclusive pricing. As a result, every price for a Genesis vehicle not only includes delivery and destination charges typically added-on at purchase, but also services such as complimentary scheduled maintenance and navigation software updates for 5 years or 100,000 km. Further, the Genesis at Home concierge service extends from the purchase process into the ownership period where customers can have their vehicle picked up for scheduled maintenance, left a courtesy vehicle, and returned when complete.

How new is the Genesis? Our review of the 2010 Genesis its been around for a few years.

Agreed...Hyundai faced a steep uphill vector from the outset with the Genesis brand and subsequently with Equus...a formidable challenge.

Its refreshing to see Hyundai apply their Genesis knowledge curve from the past few years, and take a fresh, innovative, and disruptive approach in selling the Genesis cars in Canada.

Simple...forget visiting a dealer showroom, we will come to you.

Say what you want, its refreshingly disruptive, and Genesis deserves credit for disrupting the business model.

Is it going to work?

Imagine for a moment...the Genesis factory comes to you, and you agree to a 12 or 24 or 36 month subscription to a Genesis. Never leave your home or office, with full valet service and a replacement vehicle when the Genesis requires service. 

Its a superlative CX (customer experience)....

PS - Take a moment to browse the Genesis site.



Time Flies

The other day we were reflecting that time is accelerating even more while gaining increased momentum.

We could have a discussion that perhaps its all relative to one thing or another, and to various situations, or different stages in life or the business cycle.

At one point we remembered "Tempus Fugit" coined by the Roman poet Virgil who passed away at 19 BC. Yes...tempus fugit is a couple of thousand years old, and resonates more today than with an historical sun dial.

Which at one point or another begs the productive are we with our time? Starting with our own personal time.

Empowered by technology how much "stuff" could we really do in one day (24 hours) and how much stuff are we really doing? 

How much "stuff" do we get involved with, or have to endure that is not productive?

We could keep on going, but you surely get the vector of our thoughts. need to accelerate your usage of time.




The First Snowfall

We are in Canada, at some point it gets colder, and we will get snow. Been like that for centuries.

Although if you listen to the media in 2016 its an exception, a few degress centigrade on the minus side is suddenly cold. Go figure when minus 1C is cold for Canada.

The first snowfall of the season, same thing its as if it never snowed before, a shock to the system. 

Oh...we have to plow roads, we have to clean airport ramps, in short we have to deal with the snow, its Canada, its winter its normal to have snow.

Agreed...windy conditions can ice up stretches of roads, we know that too.

But it still comes as a surprise to many folks that its Canada, its winter, we get snow, wind, wind chill, icy patches on roads.

Should you have winter tires? What do you think?

The first snowfall reinforces the reality that slush, blowing snow, probably not the best thing for AV's (autonomous vehicles)...reflect on this.




Disrupt Yourself

Are we on a disruption trend? What do you think?

An infomative white paper.



Disruption or What

Back in the day disruption was referred to as "rocking the boat" was not wise to rock the boat.

At the same time a disruptive individual was known as a "shit disturber" and again it was not wise to be a shit disturber.

Some of this stuff would quickly alter a career path, or what looked like a career path back in the day.

Bureaucracy was presumably prevalent all over the place, again back in the day. While today in an open, transparent, system there is perhaps more bureaucracy going around from a PC to a laptop, to a mobile device, and so on...reflect on this for a moment.

What are we getting to? have to be your own disrupter, and shit disturber.

"Disrupt yourself before someone comes along and disrupts you".

You surely know the saying "Control you destiny or someone else will"

Connect a few dots for yourself, and as we progress towards the end of 2016, and start looking at the 2017 landscape. Be keenly aware of what can disrupt you, who will disturb your shit, and how you will if not outright control at least influence your destiny.

The bureaucracy...its all over the place we all know that...or do we?

We agree its a tall order, not simple or easy.




The Purpose Of Work Is To Create

Fascinating and thought provoking talk by Peter Adeney...its time well spent.

“If you can get yourself financially independent, not only does it give you the power to eliminate most of the bullshit in life, but it frees your life’s work to become more truthful.”




The Crazy Ones

You know the saying...a photo is worth a gazillion words.


The commercial...



The Future Belongs To The BOLD

Through the years we have always prompted our readers to be unique, remarkable, disruptive, connect dots, and in your way to be BOLD.

Back in the day...way back in the day. You stepped up to the plate, made a decision, owned the decision, enjoyed the win, or endured the consequences. Today folks take out Powerpoints, tables, spreadsheets, torture data to create a multi faceted buffer replacing stepping up to the plate.

A white paper from Deloitte that resonates with what we have been saying for years.




Gutless...and More

The other day we read an interesting article in the Globe and Mail; that resonated with us Corporate Canada has a courage defecit-and its costing us.

“Far too many Canadian companies lack the courage necessary to make bold decisions in the face of uncertainty and risk,” concludes the report being released Monday. “They shy away from making key investments and executing dynamic strategies, unwilling to accept short-term challenge for the long-term opportunity. As a result, they – and Canada’s economy – remain in low gear.”

Another snippet...from Canadian Business.

In August 2012, former Bank of Canada governor Mark Carneyderided Corporate Canada for sitting on a large pile of “dead money.” In effect, Carney called out the country’s business leaders as a bunch of wimps.

As you know we have been saying for years that its CMS (Citizen Main Street) that is powering the Canadian economy. Agreed...CMS is enabled by Canadian financial institutions.

We have also been saying that many Canadian companies are sitting on mountains of cash.

While CMS has the GUTS to invest in the Canadian economy, many Canadian companies are GUTLESS when it comes to investing.

In the meantime auto sales in Canada powered by CMS are through the roof.

While Unifor has to strong arm GM, and possibly the other manufacturers to invest money in Canada, and more important remain in Canada.

Reflect on this for a moment...

Do you get the feeling that CMS and Corporate Canada are moving in different directions? If you do, we agree with you.




How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

A TED talk by Richard Wilkinson from a few years ago that still resonates today.