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Fascinating story and movie...




The Leaves are Turning

The leaves are starting to turn...



Checked Luggage

Have you flown lately?

Have you wondered when the luggage will occupy the seats?

Have you noticed that carry on luggage does not fit, and takes longer to load up than the paying passengers.

The financial markets are rewarding Westjet and Air Canada for initiating a fee for checked luggage.

If you ever sat in a plane watching folks trying to stuff oversized carry on luggage in the overhead bins, and wondered when it would get worse. The moment has arrived, now it will be even more interesting.

Airlines think that when an individual leaves on a 3-4 day business trip, they will literally function out of the same clothes, and hopefully have a change of under wear. 

While employers expect their employees to have a professional appearance when travelling on business, and visiting customers. 

At some point the briefcase with the laptop and the rest of the technology paraphernalia will get couriered to their destination, along with the rest of the clothes. 

Lets not forget the carry on size for all liquids.

We are inexorably reaching the point where the passenger will check in as luggage, and the luggage with board the plane with the boarding pass.




The Mechanical Pencil

Faber-Castell e-Motion Mechanical PencilIf you still have an interest in hand writing you certainly have your own collection of writing instruments and how you store your written material. 

In our case The Colonel has cultivated and upholds an active interest in hand writing and has an interesting collection of writing instruments. As well through the years he as come to appreciate a broader writing line compared to a fine line. Matter of fact he hates most writing instruments with a fine line. 

By now you know that hand writing is an essential part of the thinking process. 

Lets focus on mechanical pencils this morning.

There are 0.5 and 0.7 leads are the most popular, and they are relatively fine and perhaps ideal for checking of reams of data, but not ideal for writing. The leads break very easily.

At some point you hopefully discover 0.9 leads which are an improvement, writing instruments that accept 0.9 mm leads are the traditional mechanical pencil. 

The thinking in the pencil world must be that if you want something broader than a 0.9 lead you will resort to actual pencils, sharpeners, and varying lines when you write. Must be the reason that 0.9 leads are scarce and pencils are abundant. 

A few days ago The Colonel finally acquired a Faber-Castell e-Motion mechanical pencil with a 1.4 mm lead. They are not easy to find, probably not popular with many folks, and not inexpensive. The leads are more money than most mechanical pencils. 

The writing is superb, the folks at Faber-Castell have an innate understanding that if you want a broader lead it has to flow, this mechanical pencil flow like a roller ball, its a cool writing experience. 



The 7 Traits of Effective Digital Enterprises

A fascinating read, especially for folks in the "car business"...take a moment to reflect.