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Twitter - thehypercube

Question of the "moment".

Do you think The Colonel (who is this guy?) should get a Cube?

Lets ask him!

Q- Colonel you heard about the Hypercube promotion in Canada?

A- Nissan wants to give 50 Cubes to imaginative / creative / innovative Canadians. Yes I heard about it, its an excellent promotion, a good way to raise awareness, its gained momentum and followers on Twitter. The "suits" at Nissan might be surprised where this promotion goes, and it will do.

Q- Do you think that you should participate top get a Cube?

A- Me (looking perplexed)? You guys are not serious, I'm so far removed from their target demographic I would get disqualified before even starting out. 

Q- We know that you are not a Gen X, or Gen Y, or a Millenial, or a ....what are you anyways?

A- Try human being, try Boomer, try hot rods, try muscle cars, try I eliminating myself fast enough? 

Q- You are doing a good job.

A- Good to hear that I'm succeeding....but wait! Imagine for a moment what Ed Roth would have done with a Cube? Now an Ed Roth "Rat Fink" Hypercube would be interesting.

Q- You do make a point....the Cube would be an interesting vehicle for Ed Roth to play with, besides being the right size for one of his creations. 

A- One more reason why I should not get one, I'm not Ed Roth...although I was around when he was popular. 

Q- Is there anything that grasps your attention about the Cube?

A- Its got this Japanese "cool thing" about it...small "innovative" Japanese vehicles are cool, they have a distinct character.

Q- What would you do with a Cube?

A- A blend of Ed Roth, samurai, geisha look!

Q- That sounds interesting?

A- It sure does.

Q- Did you say that you are the wrong demographics? 

A- Totally wrong, don't even think about it. The Cube "target demographics" have no clue about Ed Roth. Its don't go there, forget about it.

Q- What would happen if Cube for some crazy reason wanted to target these demographics? 

A- You mean the folks that know about Ed Roth, Boomers?

Q- Yes.

A- Are you asking why a Boomer would go around in a Cube? instead of a G35 from Inifiniti.

Q- Something of the sort?

A- Why not, a Cube is a totally cool vehicle to run errands, commute, grocery getter....why not. Besides being socially responsible in saving the environment. Plus in a G35 the individual might look "crusty" in a Cube the individual looks "fresh".

Q- Did you enter your e-mail for the contest?

A- What contest? What e-mail?

Q- You don't want a Cube do you?

A- Did I say that?



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