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Why is a Pre Owned Vehicle a Smart Buy?

Its no secret...the quality and longevity of vehicles has been improving for numerous years, it follows that pre owned vehicles are better than ever. Especially the ones that are "lightly used".

Although new vehicles are offered with strong incentives, be it subsidised finance or lease rates which are heavily advertised by the respective manufacturers, and their franchised dealers.

A "lightly used" vehicle is an excellent purchase! Give us your opinion...your thoughts.



Trade In Patterns...Where do Used Vehicles come from?

J.D. Power generates informative monthly reports regarding the Canadian automotive market and activities. This one caught our attention, and we think it will interest you.

The Used Vehicle Report confirms what is an ongoing reality in the automotive market.

Across Canada only 31.6% of vehicles are traded, with an average age of 6.3 years, average kilometers of 118,155 and 15.96% of these vehicles are "upside down" with negative equity.

This begs the question...from where do recent model, low kilometer vehicles with balance of factory warranty come from?

In most cases these vehicles are lease returns, and are sold at auctions by the captive financial companies owned by the manufacturers.



Transparency in the Used Vehicle Market.

If we would believe everything that we read about "used cars" its still a jungle out there. If its a jungle there are major highways to help navigate this jungle.

The first one is the Internet, in an instant you can find all the vehicles that you ever wanted, Auto Trader is the "go to" resource to find specific vehicles in your area, and get an idea of prices.

Anyone can find the exact vehicle that is of interest to them, and at what price they are offered....its very transparent, very efficient, very fast.

Since it is transparent, fast, efficient, instinctively human nature kicks in..."its too easy...what is wrong?".

There is nothing wrong, its technology working for you, at blinding speed, for free...its great value.

Think about it! With a few key strokes, you know how many vehicles, at what price, who is selling them, where they are located, with a photo for each vehicle.

Check out our Power Page on Auto Trader.



You found 48....what do you do?

In your search for the specific model,and year of the vehicle you are looking for 48 showed up on the Auto Trader database.

You only want one, the best one, at the best value proposition for you. Now it gets interesting, this is where most people get confused, frustrated, and start clouding their judgement.

Its actually simple:

You found 48 of the model and year that you are looking for. You want to get the very best that your budget allows, and an idea of the Median Price will give you additional guidance on how much to pay.

You know where the vehicles are located, you have an accurate idea of the median price for this specific vehicle, e mail or call the dealers that have these vehicles, ask the questions that you need answered, and have them e-mail you additional photos, and information on the vehicle.

At Strada do that everyday! We have a photo database for everyone of our vehicles, it makes it simple, and saves a customer time.

If you made inquiries at 3 dealers, the fashion in which these dealers responded to you, will give you an idea of how they conduct business, and if it would meet your expectations.

You have narrowed it down to 3 vehicles at 3 dealers, now which vehicle interests you the most. Start with that one.

An interesting Story and Comments of an individual searching, and buying a used car.



Down to 3 choices....Now what?

As you work your way down to 3 vehicles at 3 dealers which ideally are within a reasonable distance from your residence or business.Now what do you do?

If you are considering a vehicle with balance of factory warranty, there should be little concern regarding the "operational condition" of the vehicle. You can inspect the condition of the body and interior yourself, the dealer should provide you with an accident report which shows if the vehicle has been accidented, and history on the vehicle. This information is readily available to any dealer.

These are relatively simple, and straightforward transactions. Keep in mind that you want transparency and clarity at all times. If it gets opaque for any reason you want to at least momentarily step back.

If the vehicle does not have a balance of factory warranty, you need to increase your  due diligence. The immediate reaction to is to have the vehicle inspected by a knowledgeable technician, this is time consuming, and most people are challenged when it comes to time. Then you will need to negotiate the "issues" from the inspection, this exchange can become stressful.

The dealer selling you this vehicle must give you a level of comfort from the outset, if you do not have a level of comfort, step back.

If you are considering a vehicle with no remaining warranty, either the selling dealer has inspected / reconditioned the vehicle, and gives you a level of comfort, or you will need to do it yourself, or you step back from this particular vehicle / dealer combination.