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Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, and please tell your friends to join.

Today is the inauguration of a new President in the US, and you have to wonder if it will generate less or more opinions, comments, tweets...what do you think? Have you noticed that from Canada all we hear usually has some sort of negative undertone. There has to be a few upsides...that are discreetly kept out of the limelight.

Lets not forget Kevin O'Leary running for the Conservative leadership. Do you think we will have our own show in Canada in the months to come?

The auto business was a pioneer in going global over a generation ago. Reflect on this for a moment, its global, its huge, it has a myriad of stakeholders. Taking this global business and trying to roll back time and make it easier said than done.

Yes...Scottsdale is buzzing with all sorts of auction activity especially as the week end approaches. 

Talking of collector cars, how about collector you remember the speedwrench?

The 2018 Mustang is a cool looking car, and you have to wonder why Ford unveiled the car so early.

Have you noticed that diesels continue to get slammed as being "dirtier" than expected? Which begs the question who really knows what is going on in the various black boxes that control motors in any vehicle. What programming, codes, algorithms are actually doing, and

We have often mentioned a shoebox Chevy. Well...yesterday watching Barrett-Jackson a blue 1956 Chevy 2 door post with a 502, automatic, independent rear suspension, Morrison frame rolled on the block. "That's a shoebox Chevy..." a few individuals want this finally sold for 152K.

Some cool old cars and racrs too from the Bicester Heritage.





Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the last Vroom Room of 2016, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation; and please tell your friends.

Another year has gone by, it was our 10th year of publishing Strada. Yes...we have been around for over 10 years. Its a bit of a Wow moment...10 years...with The Colonel (who is this guy) and the Strada Crew still going strong.

With only a day left in 2016, we are anxious to start a new year, and even more anxious to see what it will bring, and what will develop. In the meantime lets be thankful that we can all put another year behind us.

We used to say "The only constant is change", perhaps for 2017 we should say that the only constant is "disruption". It will be fascinating to see what 2017 will bring to the planet.

Our usual old race cars from the Yorkshire Buccaneer Rally.





Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation, invite your friends.

Have you noticed that when sales are down every manufacturer has a myriad of reasons and positive points (spins) as to why the sales are down, and the various upsides. Reminds you of..."Torture the data until it shows what we want to say".

In the meantime August is a middle of the summer, middle of the quarter month, a "lets hold back on incentives month".

The ongoing shift from sedans to utilities/trucks is impacting every manufacturer.

Sometimes you have to wonder "where the heads are at?". We see a manufacturer looking for an individual to fill a function for one of their aspiring nameplates. You go through the job description which is all encompassing. This manufacturer is seeking an individual with extensive experience, while using all the appropriate buzzwords and acronyms.

In the meantime the job title is "specialist" (obvious that a specialist earns less money than a manager) you can see where this is going.Then you wonder why that particular brand struggles in Canada.

If you have a motorcycle, hopefully you found the time to go for a few bike rides, especially now that its a little cooler. Its still a liberating experience to go for a bike ride.

We just experienced one of those idiotic shifter with additional buttons that are completely counter intuitive, make you wonder "what were they thinking" and are potentially dangerous. You have to wonder why manufacturers insist on designing such a shifter for any vehicle.

The same vehicle with the idiotic shifter has a gas gauge not showing on which side the filler door is located. Go figure...but it all makes sense, to somebody.

The usual old race cars from the Monterey Motorsports Pre Reunion 2016.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti. Join the conversation...leave a comment.

FCA is being investigated by the SEC regarding their reporting of sales. It will be not only interesting but also enlightening to see what will transpire. As well as the myriad of comments and opinions that it will generate.

In case you missed it, we had another adpative cruise control experience with a Prius V, it was totally cool. Take a look here.

This week we also shared our thoughts on Canadian Sales for the first half of

Its the Dog Days of Summer, there is road maintenance, construction, yellow pylons all over the place, and we mean all over the place. Lets not forget the lane restrictions which makes it even more interesting. Then its the  congestion heading up to cottage country on a Thrusday night for the week end.

Fascinating how some folks never change, or change very little, or remain encrusted in a layer of "deja vu". We hope that during the Dog Days of Summer you take the time to refresh.

Old race impressive photo gallery from the Hawk at Road America.





Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Most folks don't drive anymore, its a required activity to go from A to B with a vehicle, but they don't drive especially in big cities with congestion. Interesting the driving or lack of is adapted to the particular circumstances.The imagination and creativity that is applied to alleviate driving is a thing of beauty.

Autonomous vehicles might not come soon enough to resolve the lack of driving.

We always learn new things its part of life. Hybrids with small 4 cylinder engines, usually coupled to a CVT transmission, and assisted by an electric motor. In a recent drive with a Prius V the electric motor is comparable to a turbo, and alleviates down shifts of a conventional automatic transmission. Its seamless on the cruise control.

Some things are enduring, decades ago the idea of passing around the monkey was rampant. With some folks being very good at transferring a monkey especially if they are of the larger size variety. Be assured that the art of passing a monkey around is alive and well in 2016. Some things never go out of fashion, "Let me see what I can do to get this monkey off my back, and transfer the problem to someone else".

Fascinating what folks resort to...

Another thing that is enduring is folks that have a cursory knowledge of "something" and go around behaving as if they invented the wheel, with the limited breath and depth of their knowledge.

Our usual old race cars from the LeMans Classic 2016.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

In 2016 call it whatever you want, the self driving technology in vehicles is not at a level where the vehicle self drives and you the driver can take a nap. Or be doing some other activity completely unrelated to driving.

Its fascinating to see pundits have opinions on the Tesla accident in Florida, and more interesting who is to blame.

From our experiences with "adaptive cruise control" we can perhaps understand how a vehicle with the adaptive cruise control activated can direct itself under a trailer.

Canadian Sales

A record shattering first half of the year. What else can we say...up 6% from last year. Which reinforces that in Canada we are continuing to shift from ownership to mobility for a monthly payment.

Canada Post

The classic example of how to talk yourself out of business, and put the customer last. With all the noise that was made of going on strike at the end of June, most folks have taken alternate solutions. Think of it writing a check and putting it in the mail to pay a bill is an exercise in nostalgia.

Dog Days of Summer

Its been wonderfully warm...which is expected in the summer.

Our habitual old race cars from the SVRA Indy Brickyard Vintage Race 2016.



Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the discussion.

As we progress towards the Dog Days of Summer, and its almost the end of June. Think of this 2016 is half done already. We agree time is accelerating...


On this morning of the Brexit, with presumably no going back, and financial markets in a state of agitated turmoil. Let's not forget the Prime Minister resigning after the LEAVE vote. Its a unique opportunity for a myriad of experts, pundits, analysts to share their thoughts.

Yes...the dust will settle, it will become yesterday's news....

Le Mans

What can we say Corvette Racing was somewhere in the pack. It looked like Toyota had the overall win, until the last 5 minutes. The Ford GT replicated the same strategy as 50 years before. Interesting race with an element of unpredictability this year.


Game 7 was thrilling, and yes...LeBron James is very good. Who would have thought that the Cavaliers were going to win the championship at the 3-1 mark in the series.


Perhaps there are folks in Canada that persist in seeing hockey as a "Canadian Thing", when the reality says that its no longer the case.


Is it possible that some folks are understanding that the retail auto business remains centered in the showroom. While its humans that continue to make all the difference.


Are you surpirsed that Martin Winterkorn after promptly resigning, is being investigated?

Safety Inspection

In Ontario new safety inspection parameters will be in effect on July 1st.

Canadian Sales

Month end is on Thursday, it will be interesting and fascinating to see how sales developed for the month and the first half.

Panama Canal

The expanded version of the Panama Canal is opening tomorrow June 26. What does the Panama canal have to do with cars? At one time European made vehicles headed for western Canada would cross the Panama canal.

Our usual old race cars from Indianapolis - SVRA Brickyard Invitational impressive gallery.



The Mercedes F1 Incident At Barcelona

Today's Formula 1 is a game of strategy, DRS, a mixture of tires, and pit stops. Often the driver is along for the ride, more than the drive.

At Strada we are no longer huge fans of F1, simply because there is more "strategy" at play than racing, and invitably most races become a procession more than a race. Obvious that excitement takes a back seat.

Last Sunday's F1 race by the 4th turn suddenly became very interesting with both Mercedes cars taking themselves out of the race. Really interesting...

Its clear that Mercedes still does not have team orders, while the drivers are allowed to race with each other, and this year Rosaberg has an upper hand on Hamilton.

What totally captivated up were the various comments from stakeholders, pundits, fans, analysts. The comments were a realistic portrayl of how quickly stuff develops, and the various twists and turns that it can take.

In 2016 its politically correct to review videos a gazillion times, review data, review the myriad of buttons on a steering wheel, while deferring to further data analysis prior to making a decision. Racing incidents develop in nano seconds, its cool to have the technology to review the nano seconds in slower motion, and from various angles.

What truly caught our attention...

  • Getting lost in the technology, analysis, making politically correct statements.
  • Obfuscating reality, while not arriving at a decision.
  • Deferring to further analysis of the data, to not publicly make a decision known.
  • Deferring to the race stewards to see what the decision should be (a racing incident).
  • A tainting of favoratism towards one driver or another.

In the meantime "you race to win"...."you race for the team to win"..."you race for at least a podium finish".

Obvious that when 2 cars from the same team take themselves out on the 4th turn of the first lap, something is wrong, and all the analysis and data will not compensate that "something is wrong". Although deferring to data, the process, the further analysis is part of the 2016 decision process.

The stewards wash their hands by calling it a racing incident, and deferring the matter in the court of Mercedes. The drivers each see the incident from their perspective, while acknowledging the decision of the stewards.

Niki Lauda made it bluntly clear that it was "unacceptable" and made a strong hint as to whe he saw as the instigator (Hamilton) of the incident.

Sir Jackie Stewart, also made strong hints as to who should have excercised a "level head" instead of a hot head (Hamilton).

Its fascinating that folks that are not in the "career business" arrive at a quick decision, while folks that are in the "F1 career business" generate content for the sake of content, and deferring a decision which is pretty obvious to millions of folks.

What do you think?




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation.

Finally its Spring climate in the GTA, and obvious that there's a bunch of stuff that needs to get done, and Working with you Hands becomes convenient. Its a great way to exercise, change work patterns, and strangely enough relax from the daily routines of being in front of a screen however big or small.

We urge you to spend some time doing manual, grunt work, its great for the human spirit. You will not only get some worth while exercise, a sense of accomplishment, but also save money instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

Agreed...half way into whatever project you start you might just ask yourself why on earth you even started? Its all cool...just keep on going it all works out.

We sort of watched a bit of the Talladega race last Sunday, when Darryl Waltrip is appalled, and everyone knows there is an elephant in the room, and another race that gets a yellow and checkered flag. You have to wonder how far down the path of denial is everybody. Its a good thing the cars are very safe...a very good thing.

We are pleasantly surpirsed by the results of Haas in Formula 1, we did not expect such performance during the first year.

Have you noticed that perhaps you can only sell and or replace so many "smart phones" (yes think iPhone) on the planet. So far its fascinating to watch Google make a move on FCA, lets see how this develops in the following months.

Yes...AV's are part of the next frontier for some tech companies, Alphabet (Google) being one of them.

Canadian Sales

What can you say for the first time ever 200,000 vehicles were sold in a month...quite the feat. You could sense that all the pieces were lined up to have a strong April. Trucks up to 65% market share...Wow. From our perspective it will be a strong 2nd quarter...lets see how it develops.

If for a moment you thought the Benz pick up was dead or not happening, take a

The other day we were reading the musings of an automotive pundit on the effects of road salt and corrosion. In Canada we use road salt, brine, sand, gravel, depending on the localities to make roads safer its that simple. Back in the day when corrosion resistance was not extensive, many folks had a "winter beater" with the good car garaged for the winter.

Our hearts and prayers are with all the folks from Fort McMurray.

Our usual old cars from the Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance 2016.




Vroom Room

Good Morning,

Its Friday, its the Vroom Room, make yourself comfortable, enjoy the cappuccino and biscotti, join the conversation. Take a moment tell your friends about the Vroom Room.


As you can imagine we are nearing the end of the month, the automotive action will intensify to move iron, and possibly break another sales record for April.

Have you noticed all the talk about the Tesla Model 3, with 400,000 deposits or close, with supporters and detractors, and a ton of opinions to attract eyeballs. When the car becomes a reality, it will bring Tesla closer to the mainstream. In the meantime think about it, its a great way for Tesla to raise 400M. Most companies need to do an IPO to raise such an amount.

Is Spring finally official? Are you thinking of real estate? What does real estate have to do with cars? If you are in "real estate mode" for your own reasons. Take a look at our thoughts from a few years At the time we called it a "Buying a House Adventure". In hindsight its fascinating to see what started on a beach in the Caribbeans develops into an adventure.

Almost 2 year ago we shared our thoughts on Connecting Dots, and we urged you to connect your own dots. We again urge you to connect your own dots to achieve your goals, and for those around you.

The other day it struck us that we have been doing reviews for 7 years, tajke a look at our "Wall of Reviews". We agree, time is a precious 7 years.

Our usual old race cars from CSRG David Love Memorial.