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Canadian Sales - 2016

Our review of Canadian Sales for 2016.




Canadian Sales Three Quarter 2016

It keeps on going...




The Colonel and Cars - Part 2



We continue this morning with The Colonel...

Q- Differentials...

A- Still old school mechanical.

Q- Center of the Dash...

A- The place where a ton of customer interface technology resides.

Q- Styling...

A- Sells a lot of cars

Q- You mean compelling styling...

A- Absolutely, must make a statement with street presence.

Q- Cadillac...

A- There are no words...phenomenal cars, with poor sales.

Q- Utility vehicles...

A- Supplanting cars...Swiss Army knife...go figure.

Q- Tool Box...

A- Seen the latest tool boxes and work benches...Wow what else is there to say.

Q- Transmissions

A- Competing with truck transmissions from back in the day, a 9-10 speed automatic is starting to look like an RTO9513.





The Colonel and Cars - Part 1

Colonel, great to be sharing a cappuccino with you again this morning.

Q- Airbags...

A- How can a gazillion defective airbags make their way into vehicles?

Q- Driving...

A- Not much fun on congested roads.

Q- Engines...

A- You know the answer V8 and a V12 for the experience.

Q- Turbochargers...

A- Great technology works well with smaller displacement, less cylinder engines.

Q- Are you saying that V8's with twin turbos are perhaps...

A- Raise the bar on the complication factor, while lowering the emptional factor.

Q- CMS (Citizen Main Street) in Canada seeks mobility.

A- Absolutely, at a monthly payment that fits the budget.

Q- Tires...

A- Great advances in tires especially when you "want to apex everything".

Q- Can you go overboard with tires and wheels.

A- Absolutely...when brake discs look like dog dish hub caps behind the arrived.

Q- Headlamps...

A- LED lights are totally cool...really cool.

Q- Interiors...

A- Too much emphasis on leather and the various renditions of leather.

Q- Renditions of leather...

A- wonder which animal it came from.

Q- Electric power steering...

A- Probably saves fuel, can tweak it with technology.




The Colonel and Cars

This week we have The Colonel with us for a cappuccino in the morning, we will engage him in conversations to explore what is on his mind.

Q- Is there more or less passion in the auto business?

A- Less, its supplanted by technology.

Q- What was it about a 1967 Stingray?

A- Big block, the side pipes, the rumble.

Q- What is it about an S-Class sedan?

A- Supreme highway cruiser, with an element of F&*k You.

Q- Manual transmissions.

A- A reminder of mechanical cars, clutch, linkages, clutcch pedal, shifter.

Q- Fuel Injection...electronic.

A- Precise fuel metering, better performance and economy. Direct injection sounds awful in a 4 cylinder.

Q- Front Wheel Drive

A- Cost and space saving.

Q- Full Size Pick Ups.

A-The second coming of the classic North American luxury car.

Q- Premium economy.

A- Works well for shareholders.



Canadian Sales - First Quarter 2016

Our thoughts on Canadian sales for the first quarter.



Creeping Auto Loans

Our thoughts on longer auto loans in Canada...




The 5 Auto Shopping Moments

An informative read...take a few moments.




Canadian Sales - 2015 

Our thoughts on Canadian Sales for 2015.